You might have heard of games that change the way a set of games are looked upon like football gave name and fame to outdoor sports and chess drew attention to the indoor games. Starburst, a simple online slot game, is a game-changer among the slot games developed by the renowned game developer, Net Entertainment ( NetEnt). 


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About NetEnt

NetEnt gaming is one of the leading gaming providers of online casino games that serves to a hundred of best online casinos out there. The company is in the market ever since the craze for online games exploded in the 2000s, and now offers games ranging from Blackjack and Roulette to the modern-day video slots. The video slots developed by NetEnt are impeccable as all the games feature vibrant themes and visuals. 

“NetEnt has been a true pioneer in driving the market with thrilling games powered by our cutting-edge platform.”

 It is undoubtedly one of the best game developers to offer the players worldwide with a unique, premium and highly pleasing casino games. 

While there may be many in the market claiming to be the best game developer, NetEnt proves it not by making statements but through its stats. The company received 41.2 billion transactions between 2017-2019 alone. Such a massive audience in one place is proof of the company’s elegance and excellence. Every time the company attempts to make a move, it ends up creating marvel when it comes to online gaming.Coming back to Starburst, it is the most famous game ever to be created by NetEnt. The journey of the game’s development speaks for its elegant performance in the online market. It all began when the company felt the desire to create a game that could match up to the immersive and attractive aura of Vegas-style slot machines. In the urge of creating such a game, the company not just created a game of that standard but also brought newness in slot gaming with its amazing theme. Although the game banked upon various factors like technology, music, winning combinations, what really took people aback about this game was its simple yet appealing design.

Design and Theme of Startburst Slot Game

Starburst slot game is a theme-based designed game on space. The display of the game is very attractive and colourful. It contains stunning game symbols and designs. The layout of the game contains five reels and three rows. Upon the reels, colourful, multi-shaped, sparkling jewels are placed. The cosmic music and high impact sound effects mixed with the futuristic graphics gives it a perfect futuristic feel. The colour scheme is pleasing to the eye and reflects both the space-like theme as well as the arcade game style.

Starburst slot game is a combination of magnificent gaming experience with varied features, brilliant technology and excellent winning opportunities. Even if you are not a very big fan of casino slots, there are a lot of other features in this game that is certain to mesmerise you. 

Game Feature of Starburst

The most fascinating aspects of this game are the amazing gameplay features it allies with. Although it lacks the Free Spins feature, it never lets you miss it, thanks to Starburst Wild. Wild symbols are truly the wilds of the game, as every time a wild symbol appears on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th which are the middle reels of the game, you unlock some features. The wild symbol expands over the entire reel to give you a wild reel which stays locked in its position and a free re-spin is rewarded. The best part about this feature is that if you can bring down a wild symbol in the re-spin yet again, you get three more free re-spins. The more the number of free re-spins, the more the chances of you winning coins. In fact, winning at Starburst is not a rare occurrence, let us understand why.

Winnings and Payout at Starburst

This slot has a high-paced and high-energy gaming experience. The game follows the typical setup of five reels and three rows along with 10 paylines, which pays in both directions. Follow the table:




Respin Wild, Spreading Wild





Min Bet:


Max Bet:


The 96.1% Return-To-Player ratio creates huge opportunities for the players to win at Starburst. However, no matter how common a winning a might seem in the game, the payout process is something that affects your winning largely. 

The game has seven paying symbols, that are -  

Small Wins

Mid-size Wins

Top Wins

Purple Gem

Red Gem


Blue Gem

Green Gem


Yellow Gem

The above-mentioned wins are categorised on how many points these symbols carry with them and the number of their occurrence on the winning reel. For instance, If you have 3 Purple Gems on the reels, you will win 5 coins, but if you somehow manage to get 3 BARs, which is the most valued symbol in the game, you get 50. The number of coins you win also depends on the number of symbols you get on the reel. For example, a total of 3 Seven symbols will give you 25 coins, but a total of 5 Yellow Gems, which is a rank less in value of the seven paying symbols, gives you 60 coins. The calculation of these symbols is not as complicated as it seems and gets resolved as soon as you start playing the game. 

Make sure you try the free demo version of Starburst for understanding the payout process of the game. This will help you get a clear idea of the game without the risk of losing real money. 

Now that you know all about the game — attractions, bonus and features, payout — it is time to know about the factor we talked in the starting of this review, the simple gameplay. 

Rules to Play Starburst

As mentioned earlier, the game would not have been as popular as it is if it was not for the simple gameplay of it. The rule of the game is quite simple and straightforward. You just have to select your coin value, decide your betting amount and click the spin option to start the thrilling gaming experience. To change the coin value, press the keys beside the depicted coin value. The coins box shows the net coins you have after winning and betting in total. The bet amount can be toggled by altering the ‘Level’ option which ranges from 1 to 10. This means that the bet you can place in the game ranges between 10 and 100. 

You also get another option if you feel too lazy to even click the spin button and want to sit back and watch the game unfold for itself. Similar to other top slot games, Starburst too has an Autoplay button, clicking on it means that the game will be continued for as long as you want after you set the bet amount and coin value. The game speed can also be intensified by getting switched to the quick spin setting. However, the game can become even more convenient to play. Here is how.

Play Starburst game on the go!

It would have been more of a surprise if the above-written statement wasn’t true. A superefficient game developer like NetEnt couldn’t have been foolish enough to not make the game compatible for the most convenient medium which goes by the name ‘mobile phone’. 

Starburst can be accessed by players via multiple mediums including smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad. The mobile layout adds a new dimension to the availability and convenience the game already possesses. It might just be a matter of time until you get the hold of the look and playing with smaller symbols on your screen. However, the small screen and symbol never compromise with quality and graphics. The graphics are set optimal and the animations feel even better if you have a high-end phone. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab your mobile phone and get started right away, anywhere, anytime with just a click of a button! 

Tips to Play Starburst

It doesn’t necessarily mean that one of the most famous slot games ever will require no precautionary measures to have a memorable gaming experience. Here are some tips for the game that will not just keep you and your money safe but will also help you play the game smoothly.

  • When the fun stops, stop! - As mentioned earlier, Starburst is one of the most entertaining and engaging slot games ever created. So why not keep the game to its original essence. One should play a casino game until it delivers fun and entertainment. Any further than that, the real meaning of playing casino games is lost and hence, the player starts taking the game as a fight to make money. Playing the game for money can be a foolish choice as even the best slot game doesn’t guarantee a win after a win.
  • Make use of autoplay - Some players like to play for many but small durations, while others like to put all at once. For the people who like to play the game for long periods must use the feature of autoplay. The autoplay feature lets you sit back and watch the game unfold by itself. 
  • Try demo play to understand the game better - The best way to learn any game is not asking another person or googling on the internet. Rather, the best way is to try the free demo version of the game (if available) and learn all the aspects of the game by yourself. Thankfully, Starburst is one such slot game that has a free demo version. Therefore, make full use of it for your own understanding. 
  • Bet high to be rewarded high - Slot gaming is a game of risk and rewards. Higher risks pay higher rewards. So if you want to get high rewards, you will always have to bet high. There is no shortcut to that. However, taking a risk should also be in a limit. 
  • Know your expense limit - You can sit and play for hours and days if you want. But the problem with this is that even if you have won for four rounds and bet all on the fifth instance, there is a high chance you will lose the winning along with your money. Hence, it is very significant to realize your own bankroll limit. A bankroll is the maintenance of a record that depicts the money you can bet, the winning and the losses you have suffered. This gives you the perfect idea on when should you stop as any further betting will affect your daily life. 

Starburst in the News

Did you know there are thousands of slot games roaming online? How many of them do you know of? How many of them create an impact in the world worth noticing? Not many. This is what makes Starburst special. It is a slot game unlike any from the crowd. The following instances prove why it is called one of the best slot games ever to be made by any game developer. 

  • The first wave of its appraisal came when the fictional fortress published by the famous DC comics ‘Fortress of Solitude’ called the game ‘a perfect time-killing pastime’. It also said ‘the slot game brings back feelings of excitement, nostalgia and even a healthy competitive spirit’. Just in case if you are wondering about the significance of such a statement, no online slot game has ever been looked as a deserving pastime from the history of slot games. 
  • The second news is something that no online slot game ever dreams of. An analytical study by the Fortitude Magazine came up with staggering statistics which showed that Starburst was the most played online slot game in 2018. This is not a simple statistics that came from a self-claimed surveyor, the internet giant Google also affirmed this through its survey.

A Concise Summary of Starburst UK

There are a lot of amazing facts about Starburst to know and remember. Hence, here is a concise summary of the game. All at a glance!

  • Developed by NetEnt
  • Operates in 10 Paylines
  • Comprises of 5 reels and 3 rows
  • Has a massive RTP of 96.1% 
  • Offers exclusive Sticky Wild Respins Feature
  • Provides a seamless mobile-play feature
  • The stake ranges from £0.01 to £100

Our Conclusive Review on Starburst

Starburst is a mesmerising slot game and is highly compatible with a variety of devices. Simple and seamless features enable gamers with smooth and easy gaming experience. The star-studded backdrop and the ethereal soundtrack catch the player’s attention, while the frequent wins keep the game engaging and exciting to play. Although many other game developers have tried to create a slot game with more attractive features and designs, the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance works for Starburst.