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10 amazing facts that you should know about Bingo Daubers!

10 amazing facts that you should know about Bingo Daubers!

Bingo daubers are nothing but a special form of an ink pen that is designed only to be marked on paper Bingo cards. Unlike a felt-tip marker, it's just a small plastic container with a sponge-like tip at the end. The acrylic bottle has a transparent ink contained inside it. When a number is named during a Bingo game, the player uses a dauber to mark the number on their card with a clear circle.

There are many tools which help Bingo players like the Bingo calculator, markers called daubers etc. 

Daubers are these advanced Bingo markers and are must-have devices for all Bingo players. And, of course, being such an essential aspect of the game, they've even found their way into online Bingo. And more than a weapon, Bingo daubers have become the ultimate fashion statement for Bingo fans, a good luck charm, and a mode of self-expression. Although the idea of labelling a Bingo card may seem like a basic enterprise, there's a lot more to Bingo daubers than you've ever thought. Without any delay, let us get into the top ten Bingo dauber facts for you.

Bingo Daubers history

Bingo daubers were first introduced in the early 1500s in Italy. In the early days of the game, the players used to mark their Bingo cards with beans that led to another name, Beano. In the 1700s, the game was moved from Italy to Great Britain, France and other regions of Europe. At the turn of the 20th century, when the game eventually reached North America, it became a big success. The game became popular among NGOs, and churches and tournaments were often organised for fundraiser purposes. The game also changed over time, including people using different Bingo strategies, particularly in marking methods. The beans were substituted by plastic discs in vibrant colours and also by sliding windows over the numbers.

Forms of Bingo daubers

Bingo daubers come in a wide range to fit the personal preferences of different players. Some players like plain daubers, while others like colourful ones based on their personality and the amount of attention they choose to attract. You will also find:

  • Personalised Bingo daubers
  • Novelty daubers
  • Refillable daubers
  • Disposable daubers

There are also different daubers with different nib shapes and circular tips available in the market.

Kind of ink used in the dauber

Players that wish to maintain a low profile usually use the standard Bingo ink that is widely found in town halls. Generally, the colours vary from orange, pink, aqua and magenta and are bright like fluorescent daubers. For players who wish to make a proper point, neon inks are available in colours ranging from lime green, lilac to coral, teal. Some people are also using shiny inks. You will also find non-toxic inks on the market that are suitable for youngsters, but you can still check the quality of ink packaging before purchasing them.

Different players choose different dauber capabilities

The capacity of a dauber will vary from 45 ml of ink to 120 ml or more. The price of the dauber generally depends on its size, which is why occasional players go for lower-end daubers while aficionados choose larger capacity daubers that last as long as four to eight sessions without the need for a refill.

Bingo daubers may be used for things other than Bingo

Through their success and ease, Bingo daubers have made a way out of Bingo halls. Today, you're going to see craftsmen, imaginative coaches, and DIY-ers everywhere using daubers for a lot more than just playing Bingo games.

Bingo daubers are not that easy to find

Bingo daubers are very popular, particularly among Bingo players. However, you're going to be incredibly shocked when you go out to buy your own. You're not going to be able to buy them in most supermarkets near you, and you're going to have to settle for the ones that are popular in Bingo halls.

If you are interested in getting the best dauber for you, you can choose Bingo supplies portals, Amazon, and even eBay. Here, you can find a lot of varieties at competitive prices.

Online Bingo has daubers too

Even if you play online Bingo, it always lets you show your personality through a dauber of your choosing. You can select a virtual dauber when playing on any online casino from different shapes and colours available, much as you would create a personalised dauber for yourself. Needless to mention, the same applies to Bingo slots and instant Bingo games.

10 amazing facts that you should know about Bingo Daubers!

How are internet Bingos used?

Two types of Bingo daubers are used for online Bingos, 

  • Auto Daub - With auto daubs, you can instantly label the cards as soon as their numbers are named, which saves a lot of time. This enables players to play more cards at a time, and the auto-trigger function enables players to arrange their winning card at the end. Many players still want their cards to be labelled on their own, so the auto-daub feature can be turned off from the settings section of the website.
  • Manual Daub - The manual daubers consist of virtual daubers, which come in several colours and forms. You can convey your personality with virtual daubers even though you don't have the paper Bingo cards at hand.

Are they Daubers, Dobbers or Dabbers?

Bingo daubers are also known as dabbers and dobbers. Though most generally known as daubers, many people like to call them dabbers. Some believe that dobbers are the right spelling. The fact is, you can call this extremely useful tool whatever you want as long as you want it.

You could make a dauber Bingo of your own

With the aid of some supply websites, you can make your own Bingo Dauber. You can use the tools, inks and tips included in the supply kits or use your imagination to modify your dauber in whatever way you like. If you are concerned about the mess created by scraping ink tips any time you run out of ink, you can use the special resources available to assist with the refill process.