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How to improve the chances of winning your casino bet?

How to improve the chances of winning your casino bet?

Casino games involve the element of chance, so there’s no sure way to win while playing them. But there are sure ways to go broke and do it fast. Hence, it’s important for players to manage their money and place their casino bet wisely.

In addition to managing money, players must also make good choices to avoid losing a huge amount of money. So, here are the tips to avoid going broke at the casino.

Go with a set budget in mind

The most important thing in gambling is to never spend money that you can’t afford to lose. Of course, you shouldn’t use money that is intended for other things, including emergencies, bills, and so on.

That being said, setting back a certain amount of money for entertainment each month is a good tactic and you should be doing that for movies, vacations, as well as gambling.

You don’t have to spend your entire entertainment budget for the month. You can spend a portion of it, and let the other part accumulate for a few months before spending.

Do the math

In gambling, there’s a concept called “Risk of Ruin” that determines what sort of betting strategy you should use to avoid running out of money too soon. Here, the idea is that if there are a certain number of bets available to you at the start of the session, mathematically you should still have money left over after a couple of hours.

For example, in the game of Craps, it’s generally recommended to have at least 10 times your casino bet, so you can ride out a few seven-point outs. Having 50 bet units on Blackjack will offer an incredibly strong probability of lasting a few hours.

While these are just statistical calculations, they are there to indicate that the game can have swings, both positive and negative. If you don’t have enough units to ride out the downswing or an upswing cycle, then chances are that you could take yourself out of the game too early.

When it comes to slots, many experts suggest that you must have 500 betting units for a four-hour run. If your bankroll for a gambling session is £500, that’d be £1 a spin. A £200 bankroll would be an average of 40p per spin. There are so many betting units because a slot machine has a lot many wagers per hour than other casino table games.

How to improve the chances of winning your casino bet?

Choose your casino wisely

Some gambling venues do make more money than other casinos offering the same games. And this is not just the rule for slot gaming.

Casinos may have different rules in place for the game of Blackjack, or they may use different numbers of decks of cards for their shoes. So, you must learn to compare different casinos and choose the one that offers the best games and odds.

When it comes to Roulette, the house edge of the American variation is double to that of the European one. So, if a casino only offers American Roulette and the other offers a European one, choose the latter.

Needless to say, the slot machines can certainly pay differently at one location or another. That being said, you can take the help of online reviews to find out which casinos offer the best odds.

Adjust your bets

The other thing you can do to keep your bankroll going during the gameplay is to adjust your bets during the gameplay. Had a great start? Reset your bets at the higher number. Taking a massive hit early on? Lower your wager to make up for it? Some players tend to bet higher to make up for the losses. But this can mean running out of money even faster. Meanwhile, others may lower their bets when they’re up, which is certainly fair if you want to make some profits.

Choose games with the low win to bet ratios

The Win to Bet (WTB) ratio is calculated by dividing the highest possible prize of the game by the bet amount. As a rule of thumb, casino games with lower WTB ratios tend to pay more often. You win less but you’re less likely to drop below your stop-loss limit.

It’s also possible to adjust your win to bet ratio on casino games like Roulette. For instance, if you’re placing inside bets in the hope of getting a big payoff, then you must switch to outside bets and settle for a small payoff. This way, you’ll win more often.