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Casino Etiquette: A Quick Sneak-peek

Casino Etiquette: A Quick Sneak-peek

Irrespective of the casino you choose to play, there is certain casino etiquette to be adhered to in order to play efficiently and smart. Below-mentioned is some of the important points to be taken into consideration before you head to a casino to explore and discover the casino games.

Avoid Bringing Your Kids to the Casino

Although no casinos restrict the entry of kids, it is advisable that you avoid taking your kids to the casino especially if you decide to be there for a longer period of time. However, under unavoidable circumstances, you may, provided you keep your visit short as it may be a hindrance to you as well as the other players in the casino.

Don’t Use a Smartphone

A smartphone is a major distraction in gaming and so, it is better that you keep it on silent or simply avoid taking it to the casino as it can affect your gaming escapade extensively.

Don’t Forget to Tip the Dealer

Tipping is essentially a basic casino etiquette which plays a major role as it reflects your generosity towards the casino dealers. The dealers work day in and out and provide the players with a spectacular gaming experience by monitoring, controlling and assisting them in every step they take.

Avoid Learning in the Gaming Table

Learning the game rules and strategies while playing a game is a huge turnoff as learning the game rules from scratch can be a distraction to other players who are in the table. It is also important to note that in order to explore the various casino games, you need not necessarily be an outstanding player. Having a basic understanding of the games is sufficient. Also, avoid giving advice to your fellow players during the game.

Evade Giving Advice on the Gaming Table

There are always those people at the casino who feel they should advise other players on matters of strategy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. Let people play the way they want to play.

Dress Elegantly

Most of the casinos operating worldwide do not insist on a dress code. The players have the liberty to wear anything they please. However, it is to be kept in mind that the dress you choose to wear is comfortable and apt to the occasion. Before you step-in the casino you choose to play the games with, make sure that you are not under-dressed. And of course, for men and women, it is fair to say that going to a casino merely to please is a big no-no.

Buying Chips

Buying the casino chips is probably one of the common mistakes newcomers make when sitting down at a table game. Firstly, make sure you are aware of the minimum and maximum bets of each table as they differ. These are clearly displayed on boards, so don’t sit down at a roulette table and hand over $5, and then realise that the minimum bet is $10.

To buy chips, never hand the dealer cash; lay it on the table in front of you as you sit down. The croupier will catch sight of this and change your money into chips, announcing the amount as he does so.

Always Listen to the Dealer

Pay attention to the commands of the dealer cautiously. If you are unsure about the gameplay, then, do watch the gaming action for a while before you join in. It’s a good habit to listen to the dealer as they are directing the passage of play.

Be Polite and Don’t Scream at the Dealer

The casino games should be played solely for entertainment sake only. Don’t lose your temper and start blaming the dealer for your loss. Avoid arguing with your fellow players and keep yourself in control and always bear in mind that it is only a game and so, victory and defeat is a part of it.