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Dreaming of a perfect themed casino party? We have covered it all for you!

Dreaming of a perfect themed casino party? We have covered it all for you!

Are you planning to throw a party at your place? Have you decided to go for a casino themed party? Then we have a perfect guide for you which includes everything that you need to know for the party, including the decoration, food and games. Casino theme might be the unique type of theme that has ever been seen. Almost every adult loves playing Casino games, and if you are trying to impress your guests, then, there is nothing better than a casino themed party. Continue reading to know how you can mesmerise your guests and get the best out of your party.

  • Games

Keeping the games simple and interesting is the key here. You know your guest very well, and you know what they would like to play. To go with the casino theme, choose games that are easy to understand as well as very fun. Games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. These games do not have a lot of complicated instructions which is something people don't want to get into at a party. The setting of these games is very inexpensive, and you won't have to buy a lot of equipment at all. You can buy a Poker table top, Roulette set, as well as a Blackjack table cover for less than $50 from a store. If you plan to play Poker at your party, then make sure to hand out the hand rank sheets to the players who are basically rookies and haven't played the game before. The guide will help them to understand how the game works and that it is typically easy. 

  • Decorations

The best part about a casino party is the decorations. As everyone knows, casinos are full of glamour and glory. The amount of blingy lights and amazing decorations in casinos is what makes it so attractive. To bring this factor inside your home, you have to design your room accordingly. Start off with installing a little red carpet at the entrance of your door because no casino-theme party would be valid without a red carpet. You can also make use of tiny velvet ropes on the side of the red carpet to give it some classic casino feels. 

An easy way to glam up your party in casino-style is to decorate the room with giant dice. Dice are the main part of a casino, and without them, the party will not be worth it. You can craft your own giant dice decorations at home by getting supplies from your nearest art store. The basic things that you will need are black acrylic paint, glue, a pair of scissors, black and white cards, a foam brush and styrofoam cubes. 

Dreaming of a perfect themed casino party? We have covered it all for you!

  • Food and Drinks

A party has to have some kind of snacks and drinks which will keep the guests busy and entertained. In a casino themed party, your guests will be busy playing games like poker and roulette, which makes it understandable that their hands will be used for holding cards and they would prefer eating foods which are lightweight and non-greasy so that their hands do not get sticky and nor do the cards. To keep your casino theme intact, you could serve food which is of red, black and white colour. For example - strawberries and blueberries, black olives and tomato tarts, chilli with black beans, red and black m$m candies and cream cheese with red pepper strips. And for the drinks, you can set up a menu with some whacky casino themed names like Snake Eyes - Apple Martini, Jackpot - Margarita, Wild Card - Kamikaze shots and Double Down - Vodka and cranberry juice. 

  • Dress Code

Dress code is important for every party, and if people dress in the same colours or styles, the party becomes more interesting! You can decide whether you want your guests to dress up in casual clothes or if you want them to rock up some formal suits. It is all up to you. If you go for a formal look, ask the guests to dress up in tuxedos, in the black or red colour with the contrasting bow ties or knot ties, and also give them an option to dress up in evening gowns, with either black or the red colour. These styles are really alluring for a casino themed party, and your home will feel like a little, mini casino of your own. 

Kick back and relax! Your party should be fun, and there is no pressure on anyone or even on you to comply with the standard rules. Add your elements to the party and enjoy to the fullest.