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Everything About Pokies and Its Working Method

Everything About Pokies and Its Working Method

What exactly are pokies? You may have come across this term when you visited an Australian gaming site. It is okay if you are still confused about what this exactly is and what it does. I have put up this guide for you to understand everything about this term. So next time, you enter an Australian gaming site, you would know what to do with the ‘pokies.’

What Is a Pokie Exactly?

The pokie is nothing but a slot machine and Australians just use a different term to describe something all us are familiar with. This term has originated from the word ‘poker machine,’ and eventually, we have ended up with pokie. These days Australians tend to use video screens rather than the actual spinning reels to play games at a casino. You can also find this feature in different clubs and pubs in Australia. 

How Did This Name Come Along?

The thing is that Australians tend to abbreviate everything they come across. Food day becomes g’ day and mosquito becomes “mozzy”. Thus, it must not be surprising for you at all when I say that they created the short form of ‘Poker Machine’ into this term. You may think that why the machines were even called poker machines since they bear a more similar resemblance to slot machines. 

There isn’t any strong evidence that could explain the origin of this term. However, when the casinos began in Australia, the first games would consist of poker machines. Slot machines came up way later. Therefore, people must have to refer to the slot machines as ‘pokies’ out of habit. Now that you have a brief idea of what this term means, let’s see how to use them.

What Is the Easiest Technique to Read Pokies?

The slot machines consist of tiny computer chips and random number generators. Those are powered electronically and rely on the complicated computer system to figure out the number of payouts and wins. The slot machines consist of different parts, and all of them have a role to play. For example, the cabinet of the game is the main part of the machine and is also one of the most decorative pieces. It flashes a light to attract the attention of customers and also displays the name of the game on its screen. 

You can even see the entire game on the screen of the modern machines. You can also get a view of the payout schedule of the players. The screen is where most of the interaction between the player and the game takes place.

Apart from these, you will also find a coin acceptor or a note acceptor in the machine. That is where you need to insert the coins or any other forms of credit to proceed with the game. You can also collect your winnings on the coin tray. Only if your winning is too large, then you will be paid in cash.  

The complication of the game begins right inside the machine- the part you can’t see. The game is programmed into the motherboard, and this is where most of the actions in regards to the game take place. There are also meters that store the entire game and consist of a huge database of games. Trust me; you don’t want to crack open that complicated machine. 

What Does a Poker Machine Reel Consist Of?

Initially, the slot machines consisted of physical reels, and one had to spin to get paybacks. These reels comprised of different symbol positions, and each of them showed a specific symbol. The payout relied on the combination of the symbols. As easy as that!

Modern machines do not have physical reels. Instead, they consist of virtual reels with fixed symbol positions. Different positions are marked on the reel, and each even has a specific number. You can consider that each reel consists of ten spaces along with their own symbols. 

Hopefully, you have got all your queries clarified about the term ‘pokies.’ Now you don’t have to panic when you enter an Australian casino. What are you waiting for? Start playing now!