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Learn How Not to Be a Fish in Poker!

Learn How Not to Be a Fish in Poker!

Fish is a term used in Poker games to identify the noob or inexperienced players. If you are being called “Fish” during a slot game or in a casino that’s mean you are identified as a noob who doesn’t know much about this game. The “Fish” for sure, a delicious object for the experienced players, being called “Shark”. So, don’t be a Fish. Always keep in mind that sharks are waiting there for you at the game table to get a permanent hold of your hard-earned bucks. Rather, explore how not to play like a Fish and how to fight like a pro against sharks until the end result is revealed.

Don’t Lose Your Temperament 

If you are a novice in Poker, then it is advised that you never lose your temperament during the game or it will be an advantage to your opposition. Winning or losing a bet is a part of every casino game. Poker is not exempted from the list. If you lose a game, then try to control your emotions and stay cool. If you stay calm, then there is a probability that you could take the right decision in the next game and win a big hand.

Try to Read the Opponent(s) Mind

When you are at the game table with other players, try to read their mind in order to get their next move. It is possible that on the other side, who you are playing with do not have much experience. Therefore, it could be easier for you to win the bet if you can have such abilities to read their minds. On the other hand, the same thing is applicable to you as well. If you are inexperienced and playing with hard opponents, then try to conceal your worriedness if you get the worst hand and try to play with a smiling face so that the players cannot read your mind.

Don’t Under Bet or Over Bet

Try not to be much excited while playing Poker with other players. Your excitement can lead you to danger. Always try to judge what kind of opponents you have got to play. Place your bet according to that rather than betting too high or too low for the table.

Know Your Hands

It is most important to know the value of your hands before you sit to play games like Poker. If you don’t know much about the game, then, get help from several articles or watch a few videos on YouTube. Always keep it in mind, there is no place of sympathy on the table where the game is being played. If you don’t know your cards, don’t try to be a high roller, otherwise, for sure, you will be losing money. Always remember your experience in playing Poker and a few important techniques that can make you high roller someday in the near future, only guts can do this for you.

Don’t Show-Off Your Bluffs

This has always been a tough task to give bluffs at a Poker table. If you are bluffing or indicating something positive for you (which may help you to win the bet) very seriously in order to make them anxious, it could be beneficial for you to win a bet. They could make silly mistakes in anxiety. But you have to mask your face well until the end result comes so that they fail to understand that you were bluffing to them.


Well, these are not the only things that can help you in playing Poker like a pro. There are many more tricks that you will learn when you will start playing this game. But being a novice, these are the primary aspects which you must keep in your mind in order to not being marked as “Fish” in Poker.