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Why you should play slots with maximum bets

Why you should play slots with maximum bets

Slot machines are a great form of entertainment, regardless of whether you play slot games online or at a brick and mortar casino. Slot games are more convenient for starters and you also have a much wider choice of games. You may think that betting on progressive slots is only for people with loads of money, but there are plenty of jackpot slots that accept cheap bets. This blog post will give you an insight into the advantages of playing with max bets.

Why you should play slots with maximum bets

More paylines in play

A payline is a pattern which the slot machine reads to see whether or not you have scored a winning spin. They start from the leftmost reel and continue along with the adjacent ones until they reach the rightmost ones. Some paylines form a straight line while others are zig-zagged. The developer programs a certain number of paylines in the game and they always follow the same pattern. Modern online slots can have anywhere between 1 and 50 paylines.

While playing max bets on slots, you will always have more paylines in play. Many online slots allow the users to select and deselect the paylines. This means that you can tailor the slot to the amount of money that you want to wager per spin associated with a number of paylines in play. Most high-rollers prefer to make max bets because they know it’s the best way to improve the chances of winning.

It’s a very simple equation, play one line on a 20 payline slot and you have 19 fewer chances to win on every spin as compared to the gambler playing all 20 paylines. The more paylines you have in play, the greater are your chances of winning a huge amount of money.

Improved odds of winning

Many online casinos offer slot games where the greater you bet, the more are your chances of getting a big bonus or even a huge progressive slot game. These slots operate a scale which means the chances of you triggering the jackpot are directly linked to your wagered amount on each spin. Hence, if you want to improve your odds of winning in the game of slot, then betting the maximum amount is the way to go.

Bigger wins

The greatest advantage of playing max bet on a slot is that you avail yourself of a chance of landing the bigger wins. Often when the online casino games announces a top prize, you will need to bet the maximum amount of money to win the prize. If you lower you bet and play with a small amount, you will win only a small portion of the prize. For instance, if the max bet for a slot is £150 and you could win a prize of £100,000 with it. But if you decide to place £50 bet, then your maximum win that bet would be £50,000. Playing max bet ensures that you’ll receive the max amount of money if you win the prize.

Max bets are more fun while you play slot games online

As already discussed, playing maximum bets means more paylines and greater paylines improves your odds of winning on every spin. Winning a handsome amount of money ensures a great gambling experience. Players often mix enjoyment with winning big, but in reality, you can also enjoy slots that offer you payouts at regular intervals.

Smaller base game wins are worth more

While playing maximum bets, most gamblers often overlook the fact that all wins are worth more to them that when playing a smaller bet. It’s because most slot payouts are calculated on a base amount, usually, the number of coins staked per payline. For example, assume that you hit a winning payline on a 30 payline slot that pays out at around 20 times your total stake. If you place a min bet of 0.01 on this line, you would then have a bet totalling 0.30. A win of 20 times that amount is 6.00.

However, if you max bet is at 1.00, then, your total bets would be 30 and your total bet stake win is valued at 600 in total. That means you make 540 profit on that spin as opposed to 5.70. Hence, by scaling up every bet, you also scale the value of every win.

Playing max bets if you’re a high-roller

If you have a lot of cash in your casino account, then playing max bets makes a lot more sense than shuffling around for a few cents per spin.