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Role of Volatility and RTP in Slot Gaming

Role of Volatility and RTP in Slot Gaming

If you’ve ever read any casino review, there are good chances that you came across the terms volatility and RTP. These are the measures for a particular slot game providing an estimate of how often and how much a player can win. Together, they help create a strong slot strategy to enhance your overall gameplay.

What Are Volatility and RTP?

If you love playing slot games, you probably have a bit of idea about these strategic terms. As mentioned above, collectively the terms are the measure of winning probability and estimate earnings. But what do volatility and RTP individually and technically mean?

Volatility: Also known as variance, it determines the risk factor of a slot. According to volatility, slots are divided into three categories.

  • Low variance
  • Medium variance
  • High variance

A low variance slot corresponds to a lesser risk compared to a high variance game. The lower the risk factor, the better are the chances of a player winning the bet. Therefore, players who like to play safe always go for slots with a low volatility rate. 

RTP: Return to Player is one famous term in the gambling industry that every player is familiar with. Every casino has a fixed RTP which determines what portion of the funds will be returned to the player. Normally, the Return to Player value ranges between 94% to 98% in the most reputed casino.

So if a slot game has an RTP of 95% set on it by the casino, it will mean that on an average, a wager worth £100 will return £95 to the player. Therefore, the higher the RTP, the better the chance of retaining more money from slot gaming. However, this should not be confused with the chances of winning. A 95% RTP does not signify that a player is likely to win 95% of his/her bets.

The Connection between Volatility and RTP

The volatility and RTP of slots go hand in hand. A simple relation can be understood from the fact that the casino always tries its best to earn more of your money. Therefore, if there’s a big payout involved, one will notice a low RTP rate. When the winning prizes are small, the RTP is generally high on such slots.

As for variance, high volatility corresponds to lower chances of winning. The basic rules of gambling suggest - The more the risk factor in a game, the higher the payout and vice versa. Therefore, any slot games with high volatility will have a low RTP. The medium variance slots are a good balance of the volatility and RTP.

How to Choose the Best Slot for You?

Other than your favourite themes, music tracks, and characters, there’s one more important factor associated with slot gaming - bankroll. A player should always choose wisely when it comes to video slots as they can empty your pockets quite efficiently. The best to ensure that it does not happen is by preparing a strategy keeping in mind your bankroll and the volatility and RTP factor of slots.

Low Variance Slots: These are most demanded slot types. They involve low risk and thus high chances of winning. At the same time, they do not have a very exciting payout. It is for the players who love to spend a long time playing slots without worrying about having a big bankroll.

Medium Variance Slots: These types of games have both small and big payouts. The frequency of winning is somewhere between the other two types. These are ideal for players who have a decent bankroll and some patience.

High Variance Slots: These games are meant for people with a courageous gaming soul. These slots do not pay frequently but when they do, it is a jackpot. These have immense payouts but very low chances of winning. These are ideal for people with a big bankroll and courageous heart.