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How Stacked Reel Symbols Work in Online Slots

How Stacked Reel Symbols Work in Online Slots

Slots are one of the most new casino games in land-based and online casinos. The bets on online slots machines are simple as you won’t require much strategy to play them. The top online casinos in the United Kingdom offer free slot machine games which can be helpful in improving the gameplay. The recently launched online and mobile slot games have some unusual and unique reel symbols. Read on to know more about them.

How Stacked Reel Symbols Work in Online Slots

Stacked reel symbols

Most online slot games now offer stacked wild symbols. These games are extremely exciting because the matching reel symbols are placed on top of each other on the reel strips. This means that there will be times when the symbol could land on one or more reels and be positioned on each reel so that the reel position is filled with exact same symbols. By spinning the same matching reel symbols on all in view reel positions, you will form the maximum number of winning combinations associated with that reel symbol. However, some slot games such as the Black Widow stacks one random reel symbol for each spin and the scatter symbol on that slot are found only on reels two, three and four.

You must have a set of stacked and in view scatter symbols on all the three reels to get a free spins bonus game. In the bonus game, the player has to determine which reel symbol will be stacked. Some slot variants have wild symbols stacked on their reels. It goes without saying that the more stacked symbols you spin, the more are your chances of forming multiple winning combinations. However, chances are that you won’t get stacked reel symbols or they may spin in but not form any winning combinations.

Slots with stacked reel symbols

Most slot games offer plenty of fun and opportunities to win a handsome amount of money. All games have unique features such as slots having scattered symbols attached to their reels that will trigger and then launch all the bonus games. Online slots can also have a set of free spins attached to them. You must do a little research about the different slot games and the bonus associated with them as this can improve your chances of winning.

The stacked reel symbols are just like the other reel symbols that are stacked onto the reel at different heights. Stacked symbols are designed that way so that when a player is playing a bonus game, he could spin in a set of reel symbols that then cover the in-view reel positions on one or more reels. The symbols give players the chance of spinning into view the same matching reel symbols on every single in view reel positions. If you are lucky enough, you will form a winning combination on every single pay-line.

The volatility of free slot machine games

Game designers use stacked symbols to put volatility in video slots. When video slots first rose to popularity in the 1990s, most of them were nickel games and had to pick’em style second-screen bonus events. As these games were less volatile than three-reel slots, it was possible to spin the reel for a number of times without winning. The pick’em games were designed to extend the gameplay and they kept players engaged in the game by offering small wins. When penny games started becoming popular in online casinos, developers had to find a way to give players meaningful wins. Free-spin games, where the bonus can range from nothing to a very large amount have already been pioneered by Aristocrat Technologies. Today, most of the penny games are free-spin games. Pick’em bonuses and hybrid games are also available in online casinos.

Benefits of playing stacked reel symbol slots

Before wagering your actual money to play online slots or any other casino game, you must first try the free games offered by the casino. Continue playing free games until you are awarded some bonus games. This will help you in determining whether the bonus games are as exciting and rewarding to play off as they first seemed. As almost every online casino offers a demo mode version of their casino games, you will be able to play them without risking your real money.

If you haven’t yet made up your mind to play slot games having stacked reel symbols, then below are some reasons as to why most gamblers tend to play them.

  • Offer bonus games
  • Huge winning potential
  • Multi-Line Slots
  • Low to high stake slots
  • Very exciting to play