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The Relevance Of Terminologies In Slots Games

The Relevance Of Terminologies In Slots Games

When it comes to gambling at online casinos, slot games cannot be missed out. Occupying a chunk of the casino’s games lobby, video slots are indeed the most cherished and rewarding online casino games. Even at well-established brick-and-mortar casinos, slot machines attract a huge number of gambling enthusiasts. 

While slot offers a plethora of advantages to players, one of the best things is that it does not require specialised skills to spin the reels. Indeed, slots are the safest lots of online games even for the newest player trying his hand at the casino. From low staking options to high-rolling possibilities, most online slots provide a flexible betting range that slot games appeal to all genres. And not to mention the free spins; these are like oxygen masks that appear at various levels in slot games to amplify the player’s winning opportunities exponentially.

If you were to enhance your odds of winning, here are the most commonly used terms in slot games that you should familiarize yourself with.


If you are seeking real money wins, you will be required to place real money bets. ‘Bet’ in slots refer to the sum of money that a player wagers on a game every time he plays. So, if you are wishful of a higher amount of win, you will have to place higher bets. In slot games with multiple pay lines, you automatically have an advantage of placing more bets that simultaneously increases your odds of winning. Every slot game offers a range of bets for the players to choose from. The maximum bet amount refers to the highest amount that players can wager on a single bet while the minimum bet is the lowest that can be staked on a specific game.


Whether you play with real money or enjoy a free trial session on a video slot, you’ll be using the coins as currency denomination to play. These are the virtual coins that you’ll be given by the casinos to play with.


This connotes the value of every credit that a player receives for his bet. If you are playing on a pound slot, the denomination will be referred to as a pound denomination.

Annuity Winner:

It refers to the winnings from a jackpot that is paid out annually to the winner over several years. These are usually used for jackpot slots that have the potential to payout massively.

Bonus Game:

An array of slot games includes bonus rounds within the game which enhance the winning scope of the player. These usually come as an outcome of a wild symbol being matched on the reels which then are rewarded as free spins.

Random Number Generators:

Also abbreviated as RNGs, they refer to the random combinations of slots game outcomes that are found in online slots as well as slot machines installed at land casinos. These are based on algorithms and ensure random results so that every player has equal winning chances.

Cold Slots:

Slot games that don’t pay out very well are known as cold slots.

Classic Slot Games:

These are the traditional slot formats that are designed with 3 reels and multiple pay lines. You must have heard of fruit machines when playing slot games. Widely used in the UK, this term refers to the slot version of the region. Fruit machines often come with special rules that may appear distinct than the regular slot games. 

Free Spins:

These are the extra spins that players are awarded each time they win a bonus round in a slot machine that offers bonus features. Highly lucrative, free spins are the best deals you can land to enhance your winning opportunities.


Hit refers to a winning a slot. In many cases, players choose to stop and quit the game immediately after having played once. This is called hit and run where the player does not stake further on a slot if they fail to receive a payout. The Hit rate, on the other hand, refers to the odds of hitting a winning combination by a specific player. This is also known as the payout rate.

Hold percentage is another significant terminology used for slot games. This is expressed as a percentage of the money that the casino holds back from its players of the slot.  It is calculated as a statistical average amount.


The most cherished feature of a slot game is the jackpot. It is the highest prize that a player can win. You may find a variety of jackpot games ranging from mega jackpot slots to progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is one where the wagered amount by players across a network playing a jackpot slot is pooled in. The player who hits a win becomes the claimant of the jackpot prize.

Like progressive jackpots, you may also come across Progressive Slots. These are different slot machines which share the same jackpot. The term progressive ticker refers to the indicator or meter that informs the players about the on-going payout for a particular jackpot.

Near miss refers to a situation where a player just misses an opportunity of winning as his betting line happens to be just close to the winning pay line.

Types Of Slot Machines: Terminologies

When scouting for your choicest slot game, you might come across a range of exclusively designed slot machines. So, what’s a slot type? For players new to slots gaming, it refers to the slot machine that a player chooses to play. This can range from basic slots to progressive slots or bonus slot machines.

One-liner is a slot machine that has a single reel. Such formats require the player to simply land three symbols of the same kind on the fixed-line to arrive at a winning combo.

The multi-dimensional slots are those that enable players to place bets with different currency denominations. A multi-line slot machine is a type of slot that offers multiple pay lines to players so that they can stake on more than one line depending on their choice.

Common Terms Found In The Slots Dictionary


Paylines refer to the line on which players can bet. This line is characterized by symbols and numbers. Players place their bets on one or more pay lines before they begin to spin their fortune to strike wins!


Reels are the wheels on slots machines. Every reel is uniquely numbered and designed with distinct symbols that constitute the pay line. It’s upon spinning the reels that the game begins!


Spin refers to the motion in which the wheels of the slot machine roll. It defines the action of spinning before a certain pay line is reached.


Payout refers to the winnings a player received upon striking a win on a pay line he had placed a bet on. Slots games offer a range of payouts and are not always determined by a fixed number of pay lines.


Slot games are packed with figures and icons that appear on the slots reels. These are referred to as symbols of the slot and they constitute the different pay line potentials.

Scatter Symbols:

Scatter symbols are symbols that pay regardless of wherever they appear. Whether scatters appear on line one or line three, they assure a payout to the player.

Wild Symbol:

Among the many symbols, you’ll find a special symbol on the slot machine which can create a winning combo when it appears to form pairs with symbols like it.

Stacked Wilds:

You may come across a pay line loaded with multiple wild symbols arranged on top of each other. This is known as stacked wilds.

Players who play often at a casino are entitled to a loyalty program and membership known as Slot Club Member or VIP member. Enrolling for such a program qualifies slots players at the respective casino eligible for exclusive bonuses.

Wild Multiplier:

Wild multipliers are symbols enabled with dual features which include a wild and a multiplier that increases the payout each time a winning combo befalls on a pay line.

Slot Schedule:

If you want to refer to the kinds of bets that can be placed, the slot schedule can help you as a reference guide. It also reflects the various payout amounts that the players are expected to receive.

Winning Combination:

Last but not least, a winning combination refers to a win. This is the combo of symbols that are formed to trigger a payout to the player.

Regardless of which platform you explore your love for slots; it's a basic necessity to get familiarised with the key terms that can better your overall gaming experience.