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The Rise Of ‘Advantage Play’ In Casino Gaming

The Rise Of ‘Advantage Play’ In Casino Gaming

Every day more and more gamblers are looking for ways to beat casino games, especially in land-based casinos. While the use of hidden mechanical or computerised devices by gamblers at a casino in order to gain an unfair advantage is illegal, many people still take the risk of trying. 

For these gamblers, the reward of beating the seemingly ‘unbeatable’ casino gaming is worth the risk. The risk involved in this sort of behaviour considered as cheating can be really severe. Gamblers risk being caught by casino security, blacklisted and banned for life from visiting the casino where they are caught cheating. 

However, there is another set of gamblers who do not make use of illegal devices at casinos. Instead, these set of gamblers engage in studious observation of casino games games to spot any vulnerabilities that they could use to their advantage and ultimately profit from. 

Gamblers of this ilk are known as ‘Advantage Players’ and their actions are referred to as ‘Advantage Play’. This article highlights three common types of ‘Advantage Play’. It also gives an insight into why many more gamblers are drawn to this sort of casino gaming behaviour.

What Is ‘advantage Play’ in Casino Gaming?

As stated before, ‘Advantage Play’ in casino gaming involves usually a team of gamblers working together to beat vulnerable casino games for which they studied over time. For casino owners, it is difficult to know immediately that their casino game may be compromised by clever gamblers. These gamblers come up with strategies to beat a casino game using tried and tested scientific means. One casino game that seems to have been cracked by a host of gamblers is “Grosjean quarry”. 

This is a casino game of craps aptly named after Grosjean a renowned ‘Advantage Player’. This modified craps game makes use of playing cards in the place of rolling a dice to decide the outcome of the play. Grosjean himself discovered the vulnerability of this game after carefully observing dealers for hours, he then came up with strategies to gain an advantage in the game. 

What is important to note is that while casino owners frown at advantage players, as you would expect, the act of ‘Advantage Play’ is not necessarily considered as cheating. What casino owners may do if they believe a certain gambler is an advantage player is to restrict the player either by putting a limit on the player's bets or by prohibiting the player from the casino gaming entirely. 

‘advantage Play’ in Casino Gaming

There quite a few ‘Advantage Play’ in casino gaming. The truth is, no one really knows the types of ‘Advantage Play’ that exist. Advantage players keep springing up on almost a daily basis with many of them pretty much discrete (as they should be) about their business. However, there are three ‘Advantage Play’ that you should be of interest to you. These three ‘Advantage Play’ include:

  • Hole Carding: This is a type of ‘Advantage Play’ common with casino card games like Blackjack. Here advantage players capitalise on weak dealers who are not careful enough to protect their playing cards. These sharp-eyed gamblers spot the vulnerability of the dealer and help themselves to otherwise strictly confidential information.
  • Card Shuffle Tracking: Another ‘Advantage Play’ you should know about is known as ‘Card Shuffle Tracking’. This involves advantage players memorising a series of playing cards. Card shuffle tracking is a form of ‘Advantage Play’ where players intentionally and accurately guess when certain playing cards would most likely be dealt out by the dealer immediately after a shuffle usually by a shuffler (a device used in shuffling playing cards).
  • Card Counting: This is yet another type of ‘Advantage Play’ involving gamblers carefully and studiously observing playing cards that have been dealt with. These gamblers do this as a way of accurately estimating the card values that are left in the playing card deck.

In Conclusion

‘Advantage Play’ in casino gaming is on the rise partly due to the lure of gambling riches. It is also on the rise amongst young, intelligent and adventurous gamblers who are motivated by the adrenaline rush from outsmarting and beating seemingly ‘unbeatable’ casino games. Advantage players form teams and easily link up via social media groups where they exchange tips. ‘Advantage Play’ may not be considered cheating, but it still has the potential of bruising the egos of unsuspecting casinos.