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What Is The Role Of ‘paytables’ In Slot Games?

What Is The Role Of ‘paytables’ In Slot Games?

Slot Games have come a long way from being just a physical machine to now assuming a digital format. The traditional slot machines with their mechanical operation are quite easy to come to grips with.

All players need to do is to have the reel set spun and if they land three or so similar symbols on an active payline, they will receive the payout that is attached to the landing of a certain number of a particular symbol. 

What's more, this is known beforehand as seen printed out on the body of the slot machine. This printout is the mechanical slot games paytable and it will also display the symbols (Wilds or Scatters) that activate bonus features as well.

Video Slot Games and Paytables

With slot games, you have a more dynamic situation when it comes to paytables. Typical video slots tend to have multiple paylines instead of just 3 or 5 paylines that is normally the case with mechanical slot machines. Apart from paylines these games also have different bonus icons, such as Wilds and Scatters.

The Wilds and Scatters offer players different gameplay options depending on the video slot being played. Scatters will ordinarily activate bonus features while Wilds help with combo wins during the base game and bonus game by replacing symbols on the reels. The paytable of video slots will reveal all the information that a player needs to know with regards to what can be earned. 

The paytable also informs you on how to activate bonus features and what base game payouts you can earn with the landing of a certain number of similar symbols on the reels at the same time.

So, What Exactly Is a Paytable?

As mentioned earlier, the paytable is a section on a mechanical or video slot that shows players what they stand to gain in the game. It may be in print form, as in the case of mechanical slot machines or it could be a menu usually located beneath the reel set of a video slot. You only need to click on the section usually depicted as an icon labelled ‘Paytable’ and when you do you will get all the details you would need to know about the video slot. 

In the paytable, you will get every single one of the possible combination wins that you can land as well as the payout you should expect from landing such combinations. Furthermore, information on the bonus features is provided in the paytable of slot games with the payouts expected including the minimum as well as maximum rewards. 

For progressive jackpot video slots, you will also obtain details of how to earn the grand jackpot prize. Such details usually include that you will be required to play every single payline and the maximum bet allowed in order to qualify for the grand jackpot prize. 

Importance of Paytables in Slot Games

It is important to check the paytable of slot games before you start placing bets and play the round. This will help you to know which symbols offer the highest possible payout when you match them up on the reels. 

While you cannot manipulate the type of symbol you would want to land on the reel set, it still holds you to be on top of your game. It helps you in deciding whether you should bet the maximum amount allowed especially if you are consistently landing a combination of high-value symbols so that you can take home better payouts.

The slots vary in design, theme and gameplay. This makes the paytable of each virtual slot machine relatively different and unique. You can enhance your chances of playing better and as a result, boosting your earning capacity in the process. 

In Closing

Finally, knowledge is power and in the case of paytables, this is actually the case. Imagine driving a manual car with a stick gear and you are looking for the parking gear. Well, this is the case with paytables, by understanding the slot games you play through the paytables, you will be able to take on the challenges of the game with consummate ease.