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The Truth About Hot and Cold Streaks at Online Slots

The Truth About Hot and Cold Streaks at Online Slots

Slots are very popular among gamblers around the globe. With technological advances, you can now play online slots in the new online casino UK anywhere, anytime. One of the most popular phrases among slot guides is hot and cold slots. Many gamblers think that you should first find out whether the slot is hot or cold and then opt for the hot one. This advice shows a complete misunderstanding behind online casinos.

The Truth About Hot and Cold Streaks at Online Slots

The math behind hot and cold streaks

There are plenty of online casinos who actually have live indicators of hot and cold streaks or even a special section of hot and cold streaks on their website. However, this will not help you at all in the gameplay. If a particular slot game has been hot over the past few minutes, you would still know nothing about what will happen in the game. All online casinos use the same Random Number Generator (RNG) software so it’s pure suspicion if you want to play a hot or cold streak.

Knowing the Return to Player (RTP) percentage is one of the best ways to know whether or not the slot machine will be favourable to you. These numbers are now published openly by game developers and some casinos even maintain a list of them for the convenience of their players. RTP is considered an important factor that decides the effectiveness of the game. Based on the RTP percentage, you can come up with the right gaming strategies that can improve your odds of winning.

In simple terms, the RTP is the amount of reward that you can expect to win from online slots. The amount is expressed in the form of a ratio or percentage. The calculation of RTP percentage is the same for almost all variants of online slots. However, it is a theoretical concept and does not directly affect the options in the game. Moreover, it is calculated for an extended period of play instead of a single round. Keep in mind that the RTP percentage is based on the rules and regulations of the gambling site and it can vary from one online casino to another.

How to calculate the RTP percentage?

It’s very simple to calculate the RTP percentage of online slots. It is done by considering the average bets, the rewards and the payouts in the slot game, the bonus offered to the player and so on. Usually, it is the calculation of all the games that are played by different gamblers together. For instance, if you won £200 by making a stake of £10, the RTP percentage is calculated at 2000%.

As the RTP percentage makes use of a calculated guess, it is difficult to come up with certain results. RTP provides an approximation of payouts and the bets that you make in the game of online slots. On the other hand, the house edge offered by the casino is the opposite of the RTP percentage. If the RTP is 95%, the house edge would be 5%. Basically, it is an approximation of the probability of loss in the game. The comparison of both RTP and house edge is necessary because it provides an idea of slots that offer better odds.

Volatility in online slots at new online casino UK

Volatility is also one of the most important factors in online slots. Based on the structure and the rules of the game, you can get a general idea of how often you will encounter hot and cold runs of variance. It requires a detailed analysis of the game’s bonus features, payout percentages and so on. Many high-rollers say that if most of the payouts come from the bonus game, and the bonus game is hard to get to, then you’re dealing with a very volatile slot.

RTP numbers are meant more for the use of the online casino rather than the gambler. An online slot game may offer 98% RTP, but it may get that because it guarantees huge payouts in the bonus round. A high RTP percentage makes no sense if you have to wager a huge amount of money to get to the bonus round. A game like this should be considered as volatile because you can’t afford to have consecutive losing streaks.

Hot and cold

While all the rituals in the slot games are fun and can help players feel more comfortable with their gambling experience, the truth is that they can’t influence the gameplay. A ritual that appears to work is simply a matter of luck.