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Visual Tracking in Roulette: Conditions, Applications, and Importance

Visual Tracking in Roulette: Conditions, Applications, and Importance

Visual Tracking in Roulette games goes hand in hand. The tracking of the spinning ball in Roulette gaming can be traced back to the origin of the game itself. It signifies the legal practice of keeping an eye on the spinning ball and tracking its movement, so as to predict on which section of the rotating wheel will the ball come to a pause and thereby predict the plausible number. This is an art which is exceedingly rare, precise, and awarding as most people do not possess the ability or the patience to actually track and predict the course of the spinning Roulette ball.


  • It is recommended that the Roulette table, wheel, and ball should be an old, traditional model. The ball should be old fashioned as well. This helps maintain the authenticity of the game.
  • It will be beneficial and simpler to predict the course of the spinning ball if the ball is dropped in a particular zone of the wheel, repetitively and at least 50% of the time.
  • The dealer should spin the wheel at an appropriate, consistent speed, which is not too fast or slow, keeping the ball within the range of 5-6 pockets from the point it is dropped.
  • A tracker needs to have an exemplary peripheral vision and acuity as most of the tracking occurs and depends on it. While the ball might appear hazy as both the ball and the wheel are rotating in the opposite direction, the tracker should position himself near the dealer or towards the far-end or the last seat, right next to the wheel head.
  • Roulette gaming is just the motion of a ball and a certain rhythm it follows. A tracker can benefit from this if he deciphers the rhythm and better his skills by learning rhythm counting. As much as the online roulette game is about knowing how to play and track, it is also being equally aware of when to stop playing if the tracking is too tough and not end up losing more than one had bargained for.

Visual Tracking in Roulette: Conditions, Applications, and Importance


  • While the player can be positioned anywhere at the table, it might not be in his control to change his seat or be undividedly focused on tracking the spinning ball. It is best to keep a second person or friend at the table in a suitable position to track the ball and divide the work for maximum gains.
  • Knowing how the wheel and ball work in the roulette online casino. The ball and the wheel spin in opposite directions, and it helps the tracker to know the direction beforehand as it sharpens his judgement. If the wheel is located to the right of the dealer, it is called the right-handed one, and it spins in a counter-clockwise direction while the ball then spins in a clockwise direction. For a left-handed wheel, the conditions will be reversed. In some games, the rotations might change every round, and the tracker should be well aware of his skills to know when to abstain and walk away to another game.
  • Having a fixed reference point. Since the ball is spinning and it might get difficult to track the number of spins it has taken around the entire wheel, it might be easier to keep a reference point. The wheel is numbered, and the most recommended reference point is the number: zero as the ball turns hazy when it passes the digit.
  • To keep track of the speed and gauge it accurately, the tracker can, using the reference point, count the number of times the ball spins around in one entire spin of the wheel. This will give you the ratio of rotation of the ball to the wheel, and one can keep an estimate of the speed and how it varies, helping him track better.

Importance of visual tracking

The basic skill of visual tracking, in general, is an asset and can prove to be highly rewarding in many situations and online casino games. In online Roulette in UK, the rewards are much greater, thus inviting players and giving one a chance to hone not only their visual tracking skills but also expect a much larger reward.

While the Roulette online casino is a bit different, it is still a skill-based game, and one can win a good sum if they figure out the hack of visual tracking. The Roulette wheel online is more consistent and not random, unlike an actual traditional offline setting. The speed, direction and rotations are in unity which makes it simpler and more accommodative of the player establishing a pattern and predicting the result.

Online Roulette gaming is not solely dependent on the dealer as it is computerised and can be a good way to not only win some money but also have a little fun.