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What Is Expanding Wilds & How Does It Work?

What Is Expanding Wilds & How Does It Work?

Are you a newbie to the world of an online casino? If yes, then, a number of new terms should have been thrown at you which don't sound familiar, right? Well, nothing to worry, if Expanding Wilds is one of those. We are here to guide you on using the wilds while playing online video slots. Go through it all here. 

What Does Expanding Wilds Mean?

Many slots offer you different types of wilds and scatter symbols, as per their general rule. Expanding Wilds is one of those special features that enhance your gaming experience to the next level. 

Whenever you opt for a slot game irrespective of a land-based or online slot game, you come across the wild icons. These icons were first introduced with the classic three reels slots. No matter what casino game you play, wild icons have the same role to play, i.e., generating greater opportunities to let you have the winning combinations. However, the features of Expanding Wilds are quite similar to the standard wild symbols. Thus standard symbols too can create a win. But Expanding or standard wilds can never be the substitute for bonus or scatter icons. 

As exactly what the name suggests, Expanding Wilds - it works in the same way - expanding. The wild icons turn every existing symbol of a reel into wild symbols by expanding across the length of the same. The chance of winning increases as the whole reel act as a stand-in for all other standard symbols. If you win other games just after winning with wilds, the amount will be added to your previous win as the later one will be considered as a normal win. 

How Does It Work in Video Slot?

You may not know, Expanding Wilds not only covers up an entire reel but can have its own special kind of animations. In the Lucky Lager by Nyx Interactive, the beer mug is an Expanding Wild icon. If a player wins, the beer will overflow through the whole reel. 

These icons are usually set corresponding to the theme of the game, and the chance of getting special animations is quite evident. For instance, just like the Luck Lager, Netent's Thief includes a special image of a thief character across the entire reel. 

How to Activate Expanding Wilds?

Except for the scatter symbols, all the wild icons are mandatory to be included in the winning combination to activate any sort of feature. It is very much true when it comes to the Expanding Wilds.

The icons may appear anytime on your reel, but until it substitutes other symbols, you won't get the benefits of the Expanding Wilds. 

Anyway, these wilds act as a stand-in at some point during your game. The magic of it stays unleashed and make you wonder how many more wins you can claim from a single spin. You must note that Expanding Wilds don't always feature in the base game of video slot. In online casinos, certain slots include these wilds in a free spin or a bonus round. So in this case, you may need to start a completely different bonus round to see if the inclusive wilds start expanding across the length of your reel. 

Slots with Expanding Wilds

If you want to make the most out of your game, you must go for the slots offering Expanding Wilds. Here we've listed the best to help you out. 

Playtech offers Expanding Wilds in their games. Here, the character of Captain America and a red skull are used as wild icons. This wilds double your winnings and grant lucrative bonuses. From abstract symbols to the meaningful powerups- everything is incorporated here, in order to marvel you at big winnings. 

Sparks by NetNet is another perfect example of a digital slot featuring Expanding Wilds. One of the symbols will come up as a bright "W" in the second, third, or fourth reel during the gameplay. Afterwards, the symbol clones a nearby symbol and spreads across the length of the reel. 

NetNet or Playtech, both of them, have a different approach to the same idea. Thus, the intensity of the game gets amped up, and it successfully engages the player. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about Expanding Wilds, you must go for online slots. There are a few slots that offer vertical and horizontal expansion both. Though it's not that much impactful, it can be a great twist. Try different slots and have a spectacular iGaming experience.