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What Makes Wild And Scatter Symbols Different?

What Makes Wild And Scatter Symbols Different?

Online slots are constantly in a state of evolution, with this serving to keep it abreast of the latest tech and consumer needs. Still, there happens to be a wild and scatter symbols that have been around since online slots came into existence. These icons have been essentially unchanged since their invention and there are reasons behind that!

Some slots have both wild and scatter symbols. Others thought might have just one of these important icons, while a few slots are so simple that neither wild and scatter symbols make an appearance.

Most slots that are currently on the market have at least one of wilds and scatter symbols and either of them is important in their own way. Still, there are differences between wild and scatter symbols, particularly in their assigned role and function. 

The Scatter and Its Role

The scatter icon is a common sight in online slots. It varies from slot to slot, but there is no denying its importance and value. The main function of such icons is usually the activation of a Free Spins round or a featured Bonus Game. 

Scatter icons are invariably active, meaning that the players must simultaneously land a few of them on a payline so as to activate the particular feature they are connected with. In some slots, 3 scatters are required to trigger the supported Free Spins or bonus game, while other slots make do with 2. Scatters are also valuable in their own right, with some slots offering a payout for landing 2 to 5 scatters. However, not all slots have the scatter icon as a paying icon.

The Wild Icon and Its Role

The wild icon, on the other hand, is probably the most widely featured game icon around. The wild icon happens to be quite valuable, with its chief role being the replacing of other icons so as to better flesh out a winning combo. However, wild icons never replace scatter icons in such a role. Wild icons can as well form winning combos that pay out at a higher rate.

Slots with wilds are certainly numerous, with the exact role and functioning of the wild differing from one slot to the other. Here are a few types of wilds that are currently in active service. They are:

  • Shifting Wilds - Such type of wilds are usually present on the final reel. They move a single direction on every spin and can move so far that they fall off the reels.
  • Wandering Wilds - Such wilds are similar to the wild mentioned above. They are however less restricted in their operation, can show up on any reel and relocate to other reels following a spin.
  • Sticky Wilds- Such icons can be quite useful, due to the convenient fact that they permit multiple winning chances. Sticky Wilds like the name implies stick to any part of the reel set and trigger a respin. Other sticky wilds can as well appear, stick to the reels and trigger more respins, with this making for potentially gargantuan wins.
  • Trailing Wilds- Trailing wilds when activated leave a nice trail of wild icons on the reel set, resulting in a really hefty wins.
  • Expanding Wilds- Such wilds are among the most profitable and coveted. They land as normal wilds, before expanding in place and filling up entire reels.

Wild and Scatter Symbols are important in their own way and come with a few similarities and differences. While playing with either is nice, but having both wild and scatter symbols together creating added features for slots indeed enhances the slot popularity.