Boss The Lotto

It's not every day you get to play a game of lottery, right?! Well, in Boss The Lotto by Gamevy, you might just want to change your gaming habits a little bit. This review will explain just what this online casino game is all about and what you stand to gain from it. Keep on reading and enjoy!

Boss The Lotto

How To Play Boss The Lotto

In Boss The Lotto, there are 49 balls that are unveiled to players. Out of these 49 balls, there are 6 bad balls. These bad balls are capable of ending a game abruptly with your respective wager gone with the wind. Also, your opportunity at a grand jackpot prize of 5,000,000 credits would be denied because of the six bad balls. 

The visuals of this game are very good indeed with the balls appearing as realistic as possible. Players would actually feel like they are playing on a real-life lotto machine and not from their PC. With a click of a ball, the ball will rotate and then be substituted by a currency symbol. 

The currency symbol simply means that the selected ball is a good one. For much more quicker gameplay, it is possible for you to just swipe a line to have the balls on that line instantly unveiled. Your hope is that each of the balls involved in the swiped line all transform into currency symbols. 

Bets and Jackpots In Boss The Lotto

You begin a game by placing your individual bets of between 1.00 coin to 10.00 coins. If you place a bet of 10.00 coins, you will be eligible to earn a whopping 5,000,000 credit payout. However, a lower wager will see you earning a jackpot prize that is lower than the grand prize. With a wager of 1.00 coin, you can still stand the chance of earning 500,000 credits in Boss The Lotto.

To Sum Up

Boss The Lotto has a decent 1 in 2.3 win rate. Meaning that for every 2 games you play, you are likely to emerge a winner once. This is a really great winning odds to have. In addition, this game comes with pretty good graphics, animation and music score. You are immediately put in the mood to play a game of lotto once you load up this online casino game.