Scratch Medusa

Scratch Medusa Greek Mythology has always been an intriguing theme for most casino game developers. NextGen Gaming comes up with another scratch card game ‘Scratch Medusa’, which features the ancient Greek mythological creature Medusa herself. The scratch card game is intriguing as it incorporates the similar vibes of that of the Greek-themed gameplay. The potential chances to win in this scratch card game is quite optimal and thus, might attract the interests of most players.

Scratch Medusa

Scratch Medusa Creator

This simple yet outrageous scratch game of Medusa is created by the infamous NextGen Gaming. NextGen Gaming has been in the field of creating casino games for land-based and online casinos. It is a part of a larger game producing company called Scientific games. A company that has been around in the same field since 1999, which is more than two decades from now, knows what the players want. It understands the players want a simple yet attractive looking game that pays good rewards in return. For years the company has strived towards providing the same. 

The company affirms “to always strive to create games that deliver extraordinary entertainment and quality – with integrity and in collaboration with our partners.”

This shows their dedication towards creating new and innovative games consistently, of which Scratch Medusa is a great example. 

The company is registered and gets its license from the acclaimed UK Gambling Commission. This stands as a testimony to the authenticity of the products it produces. 

Scratch Medusa

Some of the top games that have been produced by the esteemed company are A Dragon Story, Miss Midas, Robin Hood Prince of Tweets and many more. The list of their acclaimed games from around the world keeps growing ever since its establishment. 

Scratch Medusa further opens up a new world to the interested new online casino players as it is simple and entertaining. It manages to grip new players instantly and generates a wave of interest amid them to play more and more NextGen games.

The greek-themed layout of the Scratch Medusa game

The elements depicted are very similar to the well-known mythological stories that most of the players might have heard in their childhood. The grid layout is composed of 3 rows and 3 reels that gives ample opportunities to players to win great rewards. The reels are depicted with Medusa herself and players might find some attractive Greek symbols that they are already familiar with. The soundtrack in this scratch slot game also goes along well with the theme. The design is simple with a spin button, coin size setting, and a separate section that takes the player to the slot version of the game as well.

Intriguing Greek themed symbols of the Scratch Medusa slot game

There are many symbols which depict the ancient tale of Medusa. Some of the well-known characters that one might come across are the magical shoes, a palace, golden bracelets, snakes that adorn the beauty of Medusa, bronze coins etc. There is Medusa herself who needs to be availed at least 3 times on the reel in order to land the top price of 1000 times the original staked value!

Gameplay of Scratch Medusa

As you know, Scratch Medus is a scratch game and not a slot game. Scratch games are one of the easiest games you can find in a casino, and Scratch Medusa is one such example. It is a fairly simple game that pays high rewards. It comprises the same symbols as you would find in the Medusa game. You win a cash prize as soon as you match three symbols horizontally or vertically.

The gameplay of this easy scratch game begins with choosing the stake you want to bet in the game. You can choose a stake between 0.01 to 2.0 per game, which is considerable if you see it for a scratch game. However, the low maximum stake is not evidence for low payouts. You can win huge amounts from a small stake. 

Since the game is not a slot game, you win huge once you unravel a good combination. To reveal the symbols behind the Medusa figure you see on your screen, you will have to choose your stake and then click on the play button. Clicking on the play button will bring the game into action and soon you will see different symbols on each of the 9 grids of the game. 

Scratch Medusa

If you have landed on three matching symbols in the same line, you will win according to your stake and the value of the matching symbols. The game, just like slot games, has different values for different symbols. The most valuable symbol of the game is none other than the Medusa symbol, while all other symbols have a different and lower value, Slipper being the lowest. 

If you win in the game, all your winnings keep adding and can be seen in the win box you see below the action screen. You can convert your winnings to real money once you decide to exit the game. 

Bonus Rounds of the Scratch Slot

There are basically 2 distinct rounds that act as bonus features of the game. One of the bonus rounds consists of a reward of 5 free games for the player. In this round, all winnings would be doubled and it offers an exciting chance for players to win great profits. Combined with a range of multiplier rewards that are provided in the scratch slot, it offers a great incentive to players.

Play on Mobile

Mobiles are the new age supercomputers that no human can stay away from. The capabilities of modern-day mobiles have exceeded what they were imagined to be at the time of invention. Today, one can apparently do all his tasks from the mobile itself. From ordering food, watching movies, playing games to finally, making calls, in audio and video both, you can do almost anything with a smartphone. Hence, it is no surprise that a game as simple as Scratch Medusa can be played in these powerful mobile phones. 

Scratch Medusa

Rather it becomes even easier when you try to play Scratch Medusa on a mobile phone. You can now access the game on the go instead of being restricted by place and time. You can play the game when you are on your way to the office or shopping. You can also play the game while you are waiting in the hall for your regular checkup. Basically, you can play the game at all the places where you can carry your mobile phone and connect to the internet. You just have to take care of one factor i.e. a stable internet connection. If you do not manage to find a good network for a stable internet connection, it is recommended to not start the real money game. This will create sync issues in the game and you may not like to get stuck in the middle of a game. 

To play this game on your mobile phone, follow these three simples steps:

  1. Open the Online Casino London site on your mobile browser. It can be opened in any operating system, Android or iOS. 
  2. Sign in with the casino account you created on your computer. Or signup with a new account you don’t own one yet. 
  3. Head towards the scratch games section or search for Scratch Medusa in the search bar to find the game on the site. Once you have found the game, you can click on it to begin playing the game in its most hassle-free version. 

Tip - We want to give a tip from our side to further enhance your gaming experience on the mobile phone. We recommend you to play the game in landscape mode as it allows the game to operate on a relatively larger aspect ration.. In landscape mode, the action buttons of the game find enough space on the screen and adjust according to the space available. This helps in keeping the Medusa screen clean and also facilitates clicking on the stake value alterations and playing the game.

An Overview of Scratch Medusa

To put all the different elements and the ways you can win together, here is a table that may help.





Mobile support




Minimum Line Bet Value


Maximum Line Bet Value



NextGen Gaming


Scratch Game

Free Spins

500 +

Final verdict for Scratch Medusa

The Scratch Medusa slot is a great way to allow players to make great profits, along with having a chance to experience something unique as well. The theme of the scratch slot is quite interesting as well, thus might capture the attention of most players with a variety of experience!