Beehive Bedlam

Bees are taking over in OpenBet’s video slot known as Beehive Bedlam. This slot comes with a unique reel set and many bonus features and even a progressive jackpot. Learn a bit more about this bee-inspired video slot in the review here.

Beehive Bedlam

How To Play Beehive Bedlam? 

Beehive Bedlam is played on a reel set which is made in the form of a beehive. There are a total of 7 vertical spots and 7 horizontal positions on this beehive. After placing your bets, you start off a game by clicking the “Play” button. You will earn a win when you land a minimum of 5 identical symbols on the beehive. 

There is a meter by the right side of the beehive known as the “Pollen Count”. Here your combo wins are recorded. On the beehive are theme-specific icons including; a purple coloured flower, a pink coloured flower, a red coloured flower, a be coloured flower and a daisy. 

Other symbols include; a beekeeper and a bee called Buzz. The slot does not come with a Wild icon. However, you can expect to land a free fall bonus symbol in this game.

The Free Falls Feature

You can activate the Free Falls feature when you land a minimum of three free falls bonus symbols. In this bonus feature, new symbols will fall from above to replace a winning combo of symbols which drops off. Below is a breakdown of what to expect from landing free falls bonus symbols on the beehive.

  • Land 3 free falls bonus symbols for 8 free falls
  • With 4 free falls, you will earn 10 free falls
  • 5 free falls will fetch you 12 free falls
  • Land 6 or more free falls bonus symbols for 15 free falls

There are two high-ranking symbols that are up often during the free falls feature. These symbols are the big boss man and the queen bee. You can also retrigger this feature by landing more free falls bonus symbols during the round. 

During the final free-fall, you will see bees flying from one end of the playing screen to the other. These bees will drop off a letter to form the pleasant word - “JACKPOT” on free spots on the beehive. If these bees are able to spell the word “JACKPOT” on the beehive, you will earn for yourself a Progressive Jackpot in Beehive Bedlam.

To Sum Up

In Beehive Bedlam, you have a video slot game with simplistic, fun-filled gameplay. Enjoy playing the free falls feature and be rewarded with exciting cash payouts in the process.