243 Crystal Fruits

Play for real money in 243 Crystal Fruits a fruit-themed video slot by Tom Horn Gaming. This online slot machine comes with attractive, but simple graphics. The backdrop is left plain while the reels contain glimmering crystallized fruit symbols. This video slot does not have a free spins bonus feature but instead comes with a 243 Respin feature which operates as a cascading reels game to boost your wins. Learn more about the 243 Respin feature in this fruity video slot review.

243 Crystal Fruits

About the Game Creator

Tom Horn Gaming is a game creator that has achieved certification in producing online and offline games for quite some time now. The company has created several games for casinos online and offline. Situated in casino favourite places like fluffy-favourites, Czech Republic, Costa Rica and 20p roulette , the company has been successful in establishing a global reach. It recently became the first-ever casino game company to be certified by the Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority. Rightfully so, it is known for creating some well-known games like:

  • Dragon Egg
  • Blackbeard’s Quest
  • Don Juan’s Pepper

The reason this company became so reputed in the gambling world is that it had an integrated API technology that allows third parties to use it in their existing platforms. In a casino slot game created by Tom Horn, one can see the support of multiple currencies and can play the game in a language that he understands the best. We are grateful that it is also the creator of this eccentric slot game that goes by the name 243 Crystal Fruits. Let us get into the game now.

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Crystal-clear Design of 243 Crystal Fruits

The game looks and feels very unconventional as soon as you enter the game. Not that it lacks some major features and replaces them with weird ones. As you look into the gallery of symbols, you will feel that there is something different with the fruity game design. The difference in the game is the way the fruit symbols have been depicted in the game. The otherwise common fruity symbols have been given a crystal shape. 

243 Crystal Fruits

Moreover, the visuals that surround the symbols are spectacular and take you to the intended world right away. The USP of this game is its simplistic design that soothes the eye. 

The Layout of 243 Crystal Fruits

The layout feels fantastic right after you enter the game. The crystal fruit symbols are backed up by a wild symbol ‘243’ that is given the chance of giving out major rewards. The bottom of this video slot game is filled with betting options you can choose. At the left is the menu that tells you the total amount you have left in your account for betting. To its right, is the line that indicates where you can choose the value of line bet. You can increase or decrease the line bet value from the plus and minus buttons below it. The center of the screen is where your eyes should always be. It is the place where you can see the total bet you have made and your total win. 

At the far right bottom of the screen is what triggers the action. It has clickable buttons like:

  • Autoplay - If you have ever been to a top-notch slot game before, you probably know the reason why this button exists in this tiring world. It is there to make things easier for you. Once you have clicked on the Autoplay button, the game will be played automatically with the line bet value you fixed initially. Now you can just sit back and watch your luck take things in its control. 
  • Bet max - This button automatically increases the value of your line bet to the maximum amount that is allowed in the game. A good option for players who have a lot to gamble and still not be affected by the loss. It is important to click this button only if your daily life won’t be affected by the loss, as it can be risky to select the max bet amount. 
  • Spin - This is the action button of the game. Click on it and the reels will start spinning on your screen. Each of them appearing as a new hope of winning and making it big in the game. 
  • ‘i’ - This is the guide that the game provides from its side. Click on it and a page full of details about the game will appear before you. The details you will see here are mostly about the developer and the payout system of the game. It is a boon for players that are there for the first time as it also informs you about all the features that exist in the game. 
  • Volume control - Slot games are entertaining and rewarding at the same time for the reason that they pay well, look amazing and sound pleasing to you, making the gaming experience worth remembering. This button lets you control if you want the background music while playing or not. The option is good for playing this game at places where you would not like others to know that you are playing, like in a metro journey.
243 Crystal Fruits

243 Crystal Fruits Gameplay

Unlike many classic fruit-themed video slot games with realistic fruits on the reel set, 243 Crystal Fruits comes with crystal styled fruits instead. This gives the game a much more conventional outlook and appeal. You have a 5x3 reel structure with just 5 active paylines on show in this video slot.

If you are a low roller, you will find this game pretty appealing as you only require £0.05 (minimum bet per spin) while the maximum bet per spin is £10. Once you have placed your respective bet, you can click on the “Spin” button to get the reel spinning. By matching up at least 3 identical crystal fruit symbols, you will earn a win and an instant cash payout.

The cascading reels

The biggest benefit of 243 Crystal Fruits is the cascading reels that are included in the game. With this feature, your winning symbols leave the screen and you are left with empty cells on the screen. These empty cells can now be home to new symbols that drop from above the screen. Hence, you are left with new symbols and new combinations that could result in a new win. If you are lucky enough to find a win, the same miraculous process is repeated, leaving another chance for you to find a win. There is no limit to how many times you can win in the game and then win again. However, each time you win a 1x multiplier is added to your benefits. You can add a total of 5x multipliers. What more do you ask for in a simple slot game that has huge winning prizes already. 

243 Crystal Fruits

The 243 Respin Bonus Feature

Whenever you land a wild inspired combination win in 243 Crystal Fruits, you will activate the game's 243 Respin Feature. Here the 5 active paylines which you initially begin the game with will evolve to 243 ways to win. You can then land combo wins from left to right on adjacent reels when the 243 Respin Feature is active. In addition, you have the cascading reels feature in operation.

As you land a combo win, the crystallised fruit symbols involved will drop off to make room for new symbols from above taking their positions. With successive wins, the cascading reels process continues. Furthermore, you will receive a multiplier which will rise by 1x up to a maximum of 5x with each consecutive combo win during this feature. As your winning streak ends, the multiplier is reset.

The Mobile Play of 243 Crystal Slots

As mentioned in the table, you can play this game on your beloved mobile phones. We as a casino understand the need of the hour to be available on mobile phones that are more convenient use when compared to the personal computers. This game at our casino can thus be accessed on the mobile phone, just like you would access it on your large computers.

However, the best part of this game is that the game has been optimised for mobile usage from the developer’s end. The icons are automatically adjusted according to your screen size. The buttons that we earlier talked about are presented in a way that keeps the game screen ‘crystal clearly’ visible while letting you toggle between all the options. No hassle in getting your hands into all the features of the game. 

To Sum Up

243 Crystal Fruits has elements of your traditional fruit-themed video slot, but it also has a modern and sophisticated touch. This online slot is played at a fast pace and can be really addictive. You do not need much to start off a game only £0.05 for each spin which is ideal for any player looking for an economic video slot to play.