There are some slots that follow the traditional format, while others look nothing like a slot should be and/or combines features found in both slots and other game types. The latter format is followed by 7-UP by Gamevy. This online slot could easily be mistaken for a scratch card game, though it has some core elements of a slot machine. Check out the game below.

7 UP

Play 7-UP with fruit symbols

On first sight, this online slot can be quite confusing. The screen of this online game displays a total of 7 paylines at the right, in column format. At the extreme right are game options that lets players of this online slot choose the total number of lines they wish to play and how much they plan on staking.

In 7-UP, the aim is for players to land a trio of matching icons on every active payline. Featured icons comprise a purple seven, a blue diamond, a bar, a golden horseshoe, a green clover, a half-eaten watermelon. Besides these, a pineapple, some grapes, a banana, cherries and lemons are also featured.

Graphics wise, this slot online does good for itself. Gameplay buttons are mostly big and colourful, and the pink colour is used a lot. The reels are also bordered in pink, with the backdrop being a purplish, black setting that reminds one of the vastness of space.

The gameplay here is simple enough and stakes are selected by employing the “+” and “-” buttons. Once this is to the taste of the customer, the “play” option is selected and the game begins.

Also featured is a turbo option. This is purely aesthetic, totally optional and merely serves to speed up the spinning reels should that be required.

No Frills gameplay appeals many

There is no bonus feature in 7-UP online slots. As such, standard gameplay and activation of the turbo option does enough to make players happy.

To Sum Up

7-UP slot online is mostly optimised for low rollers, as well as those in search of new experiences and adventures. This online slot has a rather eye-catching look and some of the most simplistic gameplay mechanics out there. Overall, this slot and scratch card combo offers a fair bit of fun and action and is worth taking a good look at.