Big Kahuna - Snakes & Ladders

There aren’t that many online slots that are based on popular board games and that is a right pity. Apparently displeased with this state of affairs, Microgaming came out with their Big Kahuna - Snakes & Ladders slot, which is a very colourful creation that packs a sweet heft.

Read up on its review and prosper.

Big Kahuna - Snakes & Ladders

Go For Broke With Big Kahuna - Snakes & Ladders

The Big Kahuna - Snakes & Ladders slot is easily one of the most colourful slots around. It has the standard 5 reels, as well as a “mere” 15 paylines.

It does look like a board game, one that is themed around the Pacific Islands that is. The featured backdrop happens to be a mountain range with a spectacular view.

On the reels of this slot can be found such icons as kiwi fruits, pineapples, and oranges, which are all assigned the role of the low-value icons. Higher values comprise lizards, monkeys, a tribal mask, a beautiful lass and a handsome man.

The game logo is assigned the role of the wild icon in this slot. In such a role, this icon is able to double all wins in the base game that it gets involved with. It also quadruples the value of the wins it helps bring along during the Free Spins bonus round. Rather appropriately, the snakes and ladder icon performs the role of the bonus icon in this slot online.

Bonus Features

Free Spins - 5 free spins are randomly awarded here, with all wins being quadrupled in value whenever the wild icon is involved.

Snakes And Ladders Quest - Should players of the Big Kahuna - Snakes & Ladders slot land the snake and ladder icon on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels, they get rewarded with a snakes and ladders game. Players are given 5 dice and tasked with rolling these. When players get lucky they might get rewarded with a couple of rolls.

All that is required here is to click on the dice icon so as to roll it and progress on the board. Snakes impede progress, while ladders facilitate it, just like in the board game. As players progress, they get awarded varying prizes and win multipliers, with 100x the stake being awarded when they complete the game.

Final Thoughts

Big Kahuna - Snakes & Ladders is a colourful slot which comes with plenty of action and charms. It is a nicely designed slot with decent gameplay and attributes.