Big Top

With a name like Big Top, there’s really no use in disguising the fact that this slot has a cheery circus theme. The Big Top slot is all about the heyday of the circus, where everything in view was so entertaining that folks regularly packed into the big tent to see one marvellous sight or the other.

Read on for the big review.

Big Top

The Big Top for Big Life

The Big Top slot is one out of the many circus-themed slots floating around. This particular specimen is made by Microgaming and has plenty of colourful, cartoonish characters. Present are 5 reels and 9 paylines, with the reel set being constructed out of what appears to be a big top.

Like most other slots, this Microgaming product can be accessed on all devices with internet connectivity and is simple enough to be easily grasped and played. While ostensibly aimed at slot noobs, this slot has a betting range that is a little too high for such folks and a little too low for the big spenders.

As for the featured icons in this slot online, these are big, colourful and not all that well detailed. They consist of clowns, monkeys, seals and bicycling elephants. Also shown are playing card values and the game logo.

The clown icon is assigned the role of the wild in the slot. A such, it is tasked with replacing all the other icons save for the scatter. The latter icon is represented by a monkey wearing a ridiculously tiny party hat. This icon wins by the total value of the amount that is staked.

Bonus Features

For some reason, there is no bonus feature in this slot. This might be due to its emphasis on simplicity, which might be marred by the presence of possibly complicated bonuses and the like.

Final Thoughts

The Big Top slot appears to have been put together with an overwhelming dedication to simplicity and has colourful if polarizing looks. While this slot might appeal to retro lovers, it is a little too simple for the taste. Overall, this slot will likely do for those folks who like being spoiled by the presence of very colourful icons while spinning the reels for all they are worth.