Guns N' Roses Video Slots

Guns 'N' Roses

Slot gaming may be the greatest entertainer in a casino. But did you know it could also be entertaining because of the music it possesses? 

Guns 'N' Roses Video Slots

Here's an exclusive offering from Netent titled Guns 'N' Roses Video Slots available at Online Casino London that comes with nice music and grants some awesome payouts.

An Overview of the Game

Guns 'N' Roses Video Slots is a Netent creation which has 5 reels along with 20 paylines. It may not have the most number of paylines when you look at other games created by the same maker. But when it comes to rewards, the game excels. The betting range allowed in Guns ‘n’ Roses video slot starts from 20p and goes up to £100 for every spin. This means, if you manage to get the right combination at the right time, you can receive higher payouts.

Guns 'N' Roses Video Slots 

Moreover, players can access this slot game across all the platforms including smartphone,  tablet, and desktop devices. However, all these features are not why the slot game currently tops in the list of some of the popular slot games of 2020. 

This slot game finds inspiration from the evergreen musical legend rock band in America Guns ‘N’ Roses. You get to experience the hard work of the creators to perfect the impression of this classic band as soon as you enter the game. The creators definitely deserve some applause for this. 

About the Developer

Net Entertainment, or as it famously known, NetEnt is one of the top game developers in the gambling industry. It has a history of developing some of the most played slot games like Starburst. The company was one of the first to provide slot games in the emerging world of online casinos. Today, it is home to more than a thousand slot games that cater to an audience of millions over the globe. 

Apart from slot games, the company has also produced classic casino games like Blackjack and Roulette. All the games produced by this casino giant have proved to be remarkable on the scale of entertainment and innovation. Even on the people’s judgment scale, the company proves its worth as it received over 41 billion transaction requests in the years 2017-19. This is a record that only a few other gaming companies of any sector have managed to achieve, let alone a casino game company. 

Guns 'N' Roses Video Slots Gameplay

Before you can start playing the game, you must learn about the game and its elements. By elements, we mean that you must know about its symbols and payouts. Starting with the symbols, the members of the band act as the symbols of Guns 'N' Roses Video Slots. These band members are - Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, Axl Rose, Slash and Steven Adler. Apart from them, it also has the common card game symbols of A, K, Q and 10. Keep looking for the logo of the slot as it is the wild icon of the slot. It can show up randomly on the reels. The wild icons will change into Expanding Wild symbols hence covering up the entire reel. By default, the slot game is fixed at 20 paylines. All of which are selected at once. This slot game is known to have some of the best RTP you can find in video slots, i.e. 96.98%.

After knowing about the symbols and the payout of the game, we are now ready to begin with the gameplay of the slot. As you enter the game, you will be asked to determine the stake you want to bet per play. To select your coin value, you can toggle using the right and left arrow at the sides of the coins value box. The total amount of betting is decided by the value of each coin and the number of coins you choose to bet on the game. You win the game if you land on 3 or more symbols of the same kind on one of the paylines. If you land on just three same symbols, the winning will be lesser than what you would get in a 5 reel result. 

Points to remember:

All the above-mentioned symbols are of different values and therefore give out different winnings. The Axl Rose symbol is the highest value of them all. If you manage to get 5 Axl Rose symbols on your screen, you avail of a total of 750 coins, which is a huge amount when you convert it to your currency. We hope that you now understand how the whole system of gaming and betting worlds at Guns ‘N’ Roses works. 

Guns 'N' Roses Video Slots

Guns ‘N’ Roses Features

This video slot is literally star-studded with some of the most legendary names associated with it. Therefore, it becomes even more important for the slot game to live up to their names. Fortunately, this slot game gives it all to make the players fall for it. It has some of the most remarkable features that, if unlocked, can end up rewarding some of the best winning prizes. Hence, we should start as soon as possible. 

  • Legend Spins - There is no defined method of activating this feature. The feature gets activated automatically. The rewards under these features are as follows:
    • First spin - Staked wild on Reel 1
    • Second spins - Stacked wild on Reels 1 and 5
    • Third Spin - Stacked wilds on Reels 2 and 5
  • Destructive Wild - No, nothing is going to be destructive here. It is just the name. If the wild symbol appears on three probable places at the center of the reels, it replaces all other symbols and lets you win huge amounts. 
  • Multiplier Solo - Just like Legend Spins, this feature also gets activated on their own. Hence, if you are lucky enough, the winning symbols on your screen will have a ribbon tied over them. This ribbon is a door to unlocking a multiplier. The range of multipliers is 4 times to 10 times the winning. For example, if the total coins you won from the reel was 1200 coins. If you get a 5x multiplier, the coins are increased to 6000 coins. The difference between the two results is very significant. Multiplier solo is one of the must rejoiceful features of this slot game. It can suddenly change a normal day into a memorable day.
  • The Bonus Wheel - You already might have seen this feature in various other slot games. This is just like in a free spin feature where you can choose a theme image and unveil coin amounts to be won. From the same wheel, you can also win an encore free spin. This is exactly what the name indicates. You can unlock 10 more free spins in place of one encore free spin. 

There are many other bonus ways of winning that make the slot game special. These rounds are explained in detailed form, read below:

Bonus Rounds

On landing three bonus symbols on the reels 5, 3 and 1, you can activate more bonus rounds. Any 1 bonus round out of all 3 will get chosen when you spin the Bonus Wheel: 

Coin Win Round

In this round, a payout can be awarded ranging from 10x to 30x the stake. Up to ten free spins will be awarded by Encore Free Spins Round. A member of the band will show up as a wild symbol (overlay stacked wild) on any one of the three middle reels. This can happen on any free spin. Well, this member will act as a wild symbol for that particular spin. More spins cannot be retriggered in this round. 

Crowd Pleaser Bonus Round

This round has three levels and you will win loads of cash prizes in this round. Keep looking out for the +1 pick symbol and Free Symbol too. Getting three Free Spin symbols in this round will award you free spins up to 10. Level 1 will award three picks while you will get to see many free spin symbols in level 2 along with three more picks. If you grab 300 coins, you will reach level 3 too. This level can turn out to be a lucrative one since it can award 40x the stake. 

Guns 'N' Roses 

The graphics are attractive enough, having brilliant animations and graphics. The soundtrack compliments the theme perfectly. The slot is in the medium range here. This creation Guns 'N' Roses Video slots is definitely one of the best creations from Netent and definitely worth a try.