The Thunderstruck slot came out in 2003 and is still doing well. This slot is simple, colourful and packs a solid punch. Keep reading and get to see the kind of potent thunder that the game maker has made available here.

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An Applause for the Developers

This slot game is developed by one of the players of the online casino world, the Microgaming. Microgaming is a pioneer of the online slot games, with over a thousand slot games roaming the world at once. The range of games it has produced is not limited to the entertaining part of the casinos. It has also produced several classic casino games like the Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.

The company associates with some of the biggest online casinos of the world, including Online Casino London. The games it has produced have won certified appreciation, both from the gaming authorities and the players, Some of its other top games are 7 Oceans, fluffy-favourites, and several others. 

Microgaming was the first to develop a true online casino software, as early as 1994. This was a time when the internet itself was under the process, let alone the online casinos. It is also a world record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest jackpot prize ever paid to a player. The whopping sum of that jackpot was €1 billion. This huge amount to date is the highest jackpot prize on any slot game. Moreover, it has a history of understanding what the players expect of a slot game, the convenience, the diversity, the innovativeness and exciting wins. After all, every player in this world plays a slot game for the wins. 

Thunderstruck And Back For More

The slot is one of Microgaming’s most loved releases. It can be accessed on any device that can connect to the internet, with players being obliged to cough out from 9p to £45 per spin.

Visually, this slot is quite colourful. The graphics are cartoon-like and a little dated.

There is nothing remarkable about the construction of the reels and beneath it are located all the gameplay buttons. The background here is solid grey colour and the theme appears to be related to the Norse myths of old.

Gold-coloured playing card values are shown on the reels. These are complemented by icons like a pair of rams, the hammer of Thor, a horn, a castle, thunder and lightning, and an image of a hand grasping a staff.

The Thor icon is assigned the role of the wild. This icon doubles the value of all the wins that it gets involved in and replaces every icon bar the scatter. The pair of rams are the scatter icons in this online slot and are given the responsibility of activating the Free Games bonus round.

Strike Thunders in Thunderstruck

As you enter the game, you will be welcomed by the picture of Thor, the thunder god, followed by the slot game screen. Once you find yourself in the game zone, you will see the following elements of the game. The 5x3 reel slot game, your credits, bet amount, winning amount and the spin button. 

The bet amount can be altered by clicking on it multiple times. The credit shows the amount you have left from your initial deposit in the game. The winnings box will start shining once you start winning. And the spin button is what gives life to the game, strike thunders. It's that simple. However, if you are there for the first time, you might not know the features of the game. For the novices, the game provides an in-game button that showcases all the necessary details about the game. These details are the free spins you can win in the game, the scatter rams, the payout from all the symbols including the wild symbol and other bonus features. 

The game of Thunder God is one that is not made for the faint hearts. You keep on trying out your luck and wondering if you would be able to survive the session with the money you had. Suddenly, a thunder strikes your way and luck turns a big swing. You suddenly hit the most exciting bonus feature of the game and you wonder, the god is really kind to you. Giving you a win, right when you needed it the most. 

Play on Phone

Microgaming has provided several opportunities to the on-move players with their extremely well compatible slot games. Thunderstruck is just another gem to their exclusive collection. The game is adjusted to fit the small screen size of mobile phones. The icons of spin and menu buttons automatically shift to the left and right to keep the screen clean. The game can hence be played on mobile without the hassles you would expect of a small screen.

Online Casino London further promotes the mobile gaming generation by extending its optimised services to the mobiles. A player can easily play the Thunderstruck slot game in a few steps.

  1. Open your mobile browser and log in to our site just like you do on your computer
  2. Log in through your casino account that you created on your computer. You don’t need to create a different account to login to our mobile casino
  3. Move to the slot games section to find this marvellous gem created by Microgaming 
  4. Click on the game and you will be taken to Thunderstruck
  5. As soon as you see the thunder god on your screen, you can play the game as explained above 

The Visual and Audio make the Thundering Real

As you switch onto the small screen version of the slot game, you don’t lose the spectacular visuals and the HD sounds that you find in the game. Although the animation of the game is cartoonish, the audio takes you to a different world altogether. Each time you land on the Thor symbol, you hear a 3D thundering sound and are sent the message that the time has come to experience some unique fun. 

Bonus Features

The online casinos have given this one new dimension to casino games. It is of the bonuses. And when it comes to bonuses in casino games, slot games top the list. A Microgaming like the Thunderstruck is blessed with some of the best bonus features. Here are the various bonus features that you will get in the game. 

Free Games - To activate this bonus round, players need to land a minimum of 3 scatter icons on any reel location. 15 free spins are the initial reward here, with extra spins being available once players land and keep re-landing sufficient numbers of the triggering scatter icons.

Worth noting is that all wins in the Free Games bonus round are enhanced by a 3x multiplier.

Gamble Feature - Once a win has been recorded in the Thunderstruck slots, players can opt to double or quadruple the value of the win by guessing the correct colour or card suit. Participation in this feature is optional and a wrong guess will result in the wiping out of the entire stake.

Tips to Play Thunderstruck

As you might have already read, this game of Thunderstruck is simple when it comes to its design but the payout and multipliers really make the game thrilling. It is really difficult to get out of the vibe once you have entered it. So, before you play it the wrong way, here are some tips that you should take care to avoid any bad situation in the game.

  • Don’t fall prey to the fallacy. Gambling can be a really addictive and hope-giving practice. Each time you enter this game, it shows you your winning probabilities. The RTP itself is enough to attract you and never leave the game. However, in such conditions, it is important to understand the spin of reels can be unlimited but your money can’t. An avid player always plays Thunderstruck keeping an eye on his bankroll. Never going out of the safe limit. 
  • The game, as mentioned, is simple to look at. Easy ways of claiming bonuses and unlocking features are a regular occasion in the game. Nevertheless, the trick here is to understand all the features well before making your first bet. If you do not know about all its elements, you are certain to miss a great bonus feature. 
  • At Thunderstruck, things can sometimes get really saddening. You might not win for a very long session. But what we suggest here is that, if you have already lost a lot many times, do not bet all that you earned throughout your lifetime. Keep betting with small amounts. The game payout is as such that if you win once, you win it big. Hence, patience is the key to success here. 

Final Thoughts

The Thunderstruck is a thrilling online slot game that is capable of catching players off-guard and leaving them thunderstruck with glee. Overall, this slot is assuredly worth exploring to the limit.