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4 Biggest Craps Rolls You Need to Know

4 Biggest Craps Rolls You Need to Know

Believed to have been derived from the English dice game Hazard, Craps are a highly exciting game to play both online and offline. While winning in Craps is based on the element of chance, a number of lucky Craps players have managed to grab significant amounts by having some of the longest winning streaks. Here’s a look at the four biggest Craps rolls in the history of Craps.

Patricia Demauro and the world’s longest consecutive roll

Many players think that one needs a huge bankroll to win significant amounts. But Patricia Demauro’s story shows us that it isn’t always true.

A recreational player with a small bankroll of $100, Patricia headed off to the Borgata Casino with her friend name John Capra in May of 2009. After spending some time on penny slots, she moved on to try her luck at a nearby Craps table. Little did she know that this would earn her a world record for the longest consecutive Craps roll of all time.

Patricia’s Craps roll lasted for 4 hours and 18 minutes, breaking the previous world record of 3 hours and 6 minutes. In total, she rolled a whopping 154 times before hitting the number 7, which ends the toll. According to casino experts, Demauro managed to beat the odds of 1 in 1.56 trillion that night. While the exact amount won by the gambling grandmother is unknown, it’s believed to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Stanley Fujitake and the California Casino

Owned by Boyd Gaming, the California Casino is one of the best gambling venues to play at on the Vegas strip. It features a unique Hawaiian décor, offers an excellent gaming experience and takes utmost care of casino security.

The California Casino has also witnessed one of the longest rolls in Craps history. On May 28, 1989, a regular Craps player named Stanley Fujitake visited the gambling venue and took a seat at the Craps table. Then he placed a single $5 chip on the pass line bet and started hitting. Fujitake continued to roll the dice for the next three hours as other gamblers at the casino watched in awe.

At the end of his winning roll, the Oahu native had tossed the dice 118 times and was able to hit 18 pass-line wins. He initially started with the table’s minimum wagering amount, but then increased it to the maximum amount of $1,000 as the gameplay progressed. After exchanging his casino chips for real cash, Fujitake took home $30,000 in winnings while the casino paid over $750,000 to other players at the table.

Lady luck favouring the high roller

In June of 2011, a man stepped into Atlantic City’s Tropicana to try his luck at high-stakes Craps. As experienced UK casino players would know, Tropicana is renowned for being a venue that offers extremely high table limits. And on that day, it worked in the favour of the lucky Craps player.

After taking a seat at the Craps table, the higher roller started wagering a hundred thousand dollars on each toss. And after a few hours of gaming action, he managed to grab $5.3 million in winnings. Interestingly, the casino didn’t make any tweaks to its rules on accepting extremely high wagers even after experiencing a significant loss.

After winning that huge sum, the property asked the player for another round of high-limit Craps. Whether he accepted that offer is not known, but the huge win turned out to be a lucky day for the casino staff. The player gave a massive dealer tip of $150,000 before leaving the property.

Richard Favela at the Annual California Casino Craps Tournament

The Golden Arms – players who manage to roll the dice for one hour without losing – get to participate in an annual craps competition at the California Casino in Vegas.

Stanley Fujitake, who previously held the record for the longest Craps roll, was the first golden arm at the California Casino. Fujutake was followed by a number of experienced Craps players who managed to earn that coveted Golden Arms title.

A highly renowned Golden Arm at the California Casino is Richard Favela. What makes Favela different from other Golden Arms is the fact that he has gone past the 60-minute mark four times. His longest roll stands at 1 hour and 10 minutes. While this may be not the best Craps rolls of all time, it still makes him one of the best Golden Arms the game of Craps has ever seen.


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