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Everything You Need to Know About Online Slot Machines

Everything You Need to Know About Online Slot Machines

Slot machines are where you bet on the outcome of a ‘spin’ of some basic games. The online casino world is growing, and the online slot machines are becoming hugely popular. The casinos know exactly that the players love the slot machines and are always coming up with new innovations.

There is a huge suite of slot machines available in online casinos, so the players can pick and choose according to their preferences and interest. The online slot machines are totally random and there are no specific skills required to play. The casinos have taken the features of slot machines a notch further and players can play games on more than three reels also with special additions such as wild and scatter adding to the fun of playing the games.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Slot Machines

What is a Slot machine?

It is basically a game of chance, populated with different types of symbols, and comes with a set of reels. The reels spin and then stop in one game round of slot machines and the new positions of the reels are used to calculate the wins of the game round.

Online slot machines are the most beloved and extremely popular amongst the multiple casino games and are known by several different names like fruities, fruit machines, online slots, video slots and many other names across the world.

Know the Invention

The first slot machine was created by Charles Fey, and he named the first slot machine as LIBERTY BELL. The mechanics and the premise of the machines are still the same along with some advancements. He named the first slot machine after the bell which was the highest paying symbol in the reel. It had one winning pay line, three spinning reels, five symbols and the symbols were: bell, horseshoe, diamond, spade, and the heart.

Know the Functioning

The basic functioning of the slot machines is the same as it was earlier, it’s just that now the online slot machines have virtual reels and not the physical ones. The symbols in the slot machine can have different amounts of symbols added to them, and each reel is already populated with different symbols. As the reels can be added with more symbols in an online slot machine, these machines give the players a greater chance at winning as there are more possible combinations to win.

Know About the Calculations

The online slot machines are very complex as they have various different elements and symbols and reels, and hence it makes them confusing to understand. However, the basic premise used by the online machines is the same as that of the Liberty Bell. The first slot machine had only 3 reels and hence the winning combinations in the line were really low. These days the new online slot machines have virtual reels and a vast number of symbols and hence a greater number of winning combinations than compared to the original version.

The online slot machines have features like in-game bonus rounds and wild symbols, and with new features and more reels and symbols in the slot machines, the players get really invested in the games and the popularity and the user index of these online machines grow.

The Payout Calculations

The payout value of the symbol on the reel depends on the symbol’s frequency of occurrence on the reel. That means the more of the same symbol on the reels- the lower is its payout value. If you take each number of combinations and multiply it with the coins per win, then you get the total coins paid on a single round of the slot machine.

Did you know there’s a Random Number Generator

The RNG, random number generator, is random and not predetermined. It is a software that secures the online game and makes the slot machine aware of whether the spin has won or not. This proves that the slot machines are fair and are not rigged in favor of the slot provider or the online casino game.

Know how it works when you play

  • The RNG generates a random number at the same time when you click at the spin button.
  • The reel stops depending on how the online game engine of the slot uses this random number to calculate.
  • The possible winnings and the outcome are then calculated.

There are also bonus rounds and free spins in the game. These online slot machines have gained huge popularity and are growing at the speed of light.