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Interesting Things to Know About Online Slot Games

Interesting Things to Know About Online Slot Games

The online slot games are still a relatively recent invention, but that fact seems not to have filtered into the minds of players all over the globe.

Indeed, online slot game players devote such a large part of their lives to playing online slots that it is the most significant source of online gambling revenue known to man. 

Online slot games come in a very wide array of variants and often boast more features and bonuses than one has ever thought of. They are also astonishingly simple and easy to play, with this and more serving to make them more popular among gamblers.

So, are there some very interesting facts about online slot games and online gambling in general that bear knowing? 

Definitely yes, read on and get to learn a few new things about the popular online gambling world.

Online Gambling Got Some Interesting Moves

So, some very interesting facts worth knowing about online gambling in online casinos are as follows:

  • The Games Are Not Rigged -

    Some folks like to believe that all online casino games are rigged to the limit and as fraudulent as a 9 dollar bill. That is not true. Online slot games, for example, make use of what is known as an RNG. This Random Number Generator is a software that works to randomise game play outcomes to the fullest extent possible. With this in effect, winning and losing chances stay the same spin after spin. As for casino games like Baccarat and Roulette, these too utilise software that randomises the outcome when applicable, though skilled Baccarat players can adopt strategies that can boost winning chances over their peers. It bears stating that casino games are not rigged, except if the online casino hosting such games is shady. Should the online casino be fully registered and licensed to operate, it has no incentive to defraud customers, as that will bring down the hammer of the regulatory authority.
  • The Dubious Legality of Online Gambling -

    In some countries, online gambling is legal, while in others indulging in the practice could land gamblers in jail, regardless of if they were unaware that the practise was illegal. And that is why it is advisable for all potential online gamblers to read up on the laws of their country before logging into an online casino. In the UK, for instance, online gambling is as legal as buying your girl flowers, while the US is a different story. Only in the state of Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are online gambling fully legal. In other states, online gamblers can expect to be hung, drawn and quartered if caught.
  • Card Counting Made Impossible -

    Some folks are masters of casino games like Blackjack. This mastery is due to their ability to count the cards and be thus able to know when to bet big or low. Card counting is however not possible in online Baccarat. With that being the case, games like online Baccarat are not all that popular with players looking to get an unfair advantage by counting cards.
  • Online Casino Bonuses -

    The online casinos strive in a do-or-die manner to acquire new clientele and retain existing ones by offering a diverse array of online casino bonuses. Such casino bonuses are quite popular, and while ostensibly juicy are not all that they appear to be. This is because they usually come with onerous wagering requirements and terms and conditions that make it near impossible for players who access bonuses to go home with anything worthwhile. With that being the case, it is always worth thoroughly checking out the attached terms and conditions of an online casino bonus before signing up for it.
  • Online Slot Games Make the World Go Around -

    It might appear impossible, but the cold fact is that online slot games make up 70% of all gambling revenues. Yes, that is not a typo. Slots, unlike most other casino games, requires that players be in the good graces of lady luck to record wins.


There are quite a few things worth knowing about online slot games and online gambling in general. Having this knowledge will serve to boost overall player understanding of online casino games and perhaps add a fresh layer of sweetness to the gambling experience.