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Is It Possible to Play Casino Games on a 4G Connection?

Is It Possible to Play Casino Games on a 4G Connection?

Mobile technology has expanded at a dizzying rate and today enable people to play casino games virtually anywhere, anytime. A decade or so ago, most people didn’t even know what a smartphone looked like and were totally unaware of what it could do. This is no longer the case, with smartphone use being very common today.

As more and more smartphones are sold, the online casino industry continues to grow. Such online casinos make it possible for players to play casino games of their choice, without having to set foot in an actual casino. 

Mobile gaming has also seen a massive increase, with an increasing number of players choosing to play casino games on their mobile devices. Such players prefer mobile casino gambling for their convenience and ease of use.

As mobile gaming and telecommunications technology continues to boom, players often find themselves wondering as to the possibility of playing casino games over a 4G connection. In actuality though, mobile casino gameplay over a 4G connection is easily possible and even desirable. Here's why.

4G for the G Life

4G internet is still relatively new but is gradually being superseded by 5G. While not all phones feature 4G connectivity, those that have it are enabled to access the internet and play casino games at unheard of speeds.

4G actually refers to the 4th generation, which means the fourth generation of mobile wireless networks. It is the most advanced mobile telecommunications tech on the globe, with the only 5G being superior to it.

4G makes use of a technology called LTE, which means Long Term Evolution. This technology enables high-speed data services to mobile devices.

For any mobile operator to advertise and sell its products as being 4G enabled, it must meet some guidelines set up by the International Telecommunications Union-Radio Communications Sector (ITU-R). These specifications are quite rigorous and serve to ensure that all devices with 4G connectivity can very solidly connect to the internet at near-light speed.

Due to their immense speed, 4G connections are the best way players all over can play casino games and otherwise access the goodies found in any online casino.

3G, 4G and Wi-Fi

3G, 4G and Wi-Fi all have an identical objective. That is, of course, the provision of quality internet services. However, the three work differently to arrive at their objective.

3G and 4G, for example, refer to wireless technology generations. 3G is older and less advanced, while 4G is more recent and thus state-of-the-art. Usually, 4G connections are like 10x faster than 3G connections.

Wi-Fi is an entirely different proposition. It refers to a wireless network that enables a mobile device to connect to a modem that might be shared with multiple users. Wi-Fi connections are found everywhere. 

Usually, a password is required to log into the network to access the internet. Wi-Fi requires that users be physically near a physical line, while 3G and 4G can be accessed anywhere the service providers choose to offer a network.

Play Casino Games with 4G Now and Forever More

In the main, a 3G connection serves well for browsing the net, emailing and accessing a plethora of social media sites. However, it can disappoint when used to play casino games, as its speed and quality are simply not adequate for the purpose. This is why a 4G connection is to be preferred when playing casino games. 

Mobile casinos that choose to operate while making use of a 4G network are enabled to offer the lushest possible graphics, as well as smooth and lag-free games. This is particularly important for live dealer games, where the lags are common to 3G networks that can ruin the overall casino experience.

Want to play casino games today? Try going the 4G route!