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Is There any  Best Time To Play Online Slots?

Is There any Best Time To Play Online Slots?

Few things taste as sweet as online slots gameplay! The online slots feature the most varied themes, graphics, bonuses, sounds and animation. No wonder that the number of online slot players is booming all over the globe, with online slots becoming the most profitable gambling medium known to man.

Sure, online slots gameplay is quite easy. But there are a few recurring questions that online slot players ask themselves and each other. One such question concerns the best time to play online slots.

Answers to this specific question vary, often according to the mood of the person doing the answering. With that being the case, we thought to prove once and for all if there is or not the best time to play online slots

Play Online Slots Cos It’s Heady Fun!

So, is there a best time to play online slots, with this assuring any possible wins? Well, according to research, around half of all online slot players appear to believe so, with the rest giving no credence to the assertion.

So, which side is right as rain and which is wrong as sin? Well, we will examine the facts on the ground and let our readers decide for themselves.

Play Online Slots Like A Righteous Boss!

So, does it matter what time folks play slots online? Or does it not actually matter? Here is what we think:

  • Budget Matters

    Before folks bother about the best time to play or not play online slots, they should first determine the extent of their gambling budget. This budget must be fixed and slot players must be able to resist all temptation to increase it once its limit has been reached. This is very important because online slots gameplay can be more addictive than most controlled substances. If care is not taken, slot players could find themselves with a nasty bit of a gambling problem. As such, the best time to play online slots is when the gambling budget has been set, and a slice of a good pizza is near at hand!
  • RTP Matters

    All online slots have an RTP. This determines exactly how much of what is staked is returned to players over the long term. The RTP also remains the same at all times of the day and night. As a result, going by the RTP alone there is no best time to play slots. 
  • Jackpot Matters

    There are more than a few jackpot games available. These are quite popular and come in a range of flavours. The best time to play online slots with jackpots like these is simply when the jackpot prize has risen high enough to get most millionaires salivating! A prime example of a jackpot slot is the Mega Moolah by Microgaming. This slot has frequently featured jackpot prizes over 8 figures. So, for jackpot slots, players are advised to wait till the jackpot prize has risen high enough, respect the limits of their budget and then bet all that they can afford.
  • Extra Jackpot Matters

    Here’s a good piece of advice - play jackpot slots that are proving difficult to win at. Yes, there are jackpot slots whose prizes grow and grow till they are about the size of the defence budget of some African countries, all because the jackpot prizes have so far proved elusive. When this is the case, the canny player will redouble his/her efforts at playing such jackpot slots and hope that lady luck appreciates his/her efforts and grant the grand jackpot prize!
  • Mood Matters

    Still wondering the precise time of the day to play online slots? The best time to play online slots is when a good, happy, ecstatic and confident mood is being experienced. As such, folks should play slots precisely because they want to access their peculiar kind of fun at that precise moment. What time of the day or night it actually does not and should not matter.


Online slots are some of the most delightful inventions of mankind. They are great fun and easy to access. Some online slot players do wonder as to the best time to play online slots. There is really no best time slots can be played. Instead, folks should play because they want to, have budgeted for it, have carefully considered the slot RTP and the state of the featured jackpot prize.