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Know the Verbatim Used in Online Slots

Know the Verbatim Used in Online Slots

To newbies, terms of slots can be quite a pain to master. This article gives the bare minimum online slots glossary to set you off on the path of understanding the most commonly used terms.

Bet - This refers to staking or wagering money on the result of one spin in an online slot game. The player is required to set the amount they want to wager on with every spin before hitting a button to spin the reels.

Bonus features - Bonus features in online slots are aimed to reward the players which include a chance at winning the jackpot and free spins.

Bonus video slots - These are slots that have a bonus game that is not similar to the format of normal reel slots. In its stead, this type of slot games can run a short video game couple with sound bites and video bits and the players can place bets on the outcome.

Flat-top slots - These are non-progressive online slot games that offer a capped payout, which is independent of the amount of money won and the number of times the player has won.

Free spins - They refer to the spins that have zero risks. It is often used as a bonus feature.

Fruit machine - Fruit machines are basically slot machines as they are known in the United Kingdom. Most slot machines in Britain has three reels with fruit pictures. To win, players had to match a specific fruit on each of the reels.

Hit - Hit refers to any win in an online slot game. Small hits are those that are equal to or slightly greater than the amount you staked. Big hits win you a large sum, for example, the jackpot.

Jackpot - Jackpot is the top and most coveted prize players can possibly win in online slots. Jackpot traces its roots from Poker: the pot also referred to as the pool stake which keeps increasing and is won only after a player opens it with two Jack cards.

Max Bet - This involves placing the maximum stake per spin in online slots. In most online casinos, it is a button, which, when clicked allows the gambler to initiate the maximum bet. Most casinos use the max bet as a prerequisite for winning the largest payout.

Multiplier - This is a symbol that increases the amount to be won by multiples of the specific multiplier. If your payout is inclusive of a multiplier symbol, your total winnings will be multiplied. For example, an x2 payout increases your winnings two-fold.

Online slots - Slot machines can be played on the internet or through an app on your smartphone. They are categorised into two: download slots which can be downloaded on your phone or computer and instant play slots which are hosted on online casinos.

Payline - Paylines are lines in online slots that dictates the ceiling of your payout.

Payout - It is the amount received for each win.

Payout percentage - Slot machines dispense a certain amount of money to players over a given time. The dispensed money is called the payout percentage.

Pay table - It is a  board that displays and lists all available payouts in online slots for every winning combination.

Pokies - Online slots in Australia are referred to as pokies.

Progressive - Progressive refers to online slots that have a jackpot that increases with every spin until a player wins. When won, the jackpot is set to a minimum and the process begins afresh.

Random Number Generator- software that ensures game results are random. RNGs generate random numbers that determine odds, payouts and the position of reels.

Reels - These are spinning wheels on a slot machine.

Scatter symbols - They are symbols located randomly on a reel. They can activate winning combinations with cash prizes, multipliers, and bonuses.

Wilds - They are symbols which can be substituted for other symbols to complete or land a winning combination.

A winning combination - It is a combination of symbols that create a win.