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Ways to Manage Your Casino Bankroll

Ways to Manage Your Casino Bankroll

Heard the story of player A? Well, the guy was supposed to be a gambling god who knew all the important strategies and when to apply them. However, he lacked proper casino bankroll management practices, with the result that whatever he won was soon lost.

Most gamblers are like Player A. They read up on all the popular strategies, assiduously practice these and enter a gameplay session looking all fly! Then, they start winning heavily, before losing heavily, mainly due to their lack of understanding about proper casino bankroll management practices.

If there are no proper bankroll management practices in place, gamblers are assured of losing far more than they hope to gain. That is precisely why bankroll management is so important for gamblers who hope to walk away from the gambling table with something tangible.

But what is the casino bankroll and what are the ways to optimally make use of it during gameplay sessions? Read on for answers to these.

The Casino Bankroll Cometh in a Sweet Dollar Flood!

The definition of casino bankroll is simple. The bankroll merely refers to how much money an individual has set aside to gamble with. It can be a few quid or thousands of pounds. 

The bankroll does not refer to all the money that a player has in the bank, but merely to the specific amount that has been reserved for a gambling session or two. That is an important distinction.

Importance of Casino Bankroll Management and How to Practice It

Now, gambling involves the potential loss of money. With that being the case, gamblers should only bet with amounts they feel comfortable losing. That is precisely what casino bankroll management is all about.

For gambling success, the bankroll must be carefully and optimally used, managed and disbursed. Bankroll management makes it possible for folks to gamble for longer and has even been said to forge better gamblers. As such, becoming proficient in bankroll management is a must for players who wish to have a successful gambling career.

When proper casino bankroll management is in effect, gamblers will be enabled to bet when the odds favour them, know precisely when to bet and exactly how much to bet. 

An underlying principle of bankroll management is for gamblers to never gamble with money that should never be lost. This includes funds set aside for rent, groceries, car maintenance, hospital bills and the like. Such funds are referred to as “Scared Money” and using it for gameplay is a very big no-no.

The reason for this is that losing such vital funds can easily put the gambler into a panic, apart from causing massive loss of confidence during gameplay and result in the making of childish mistakes. Rather than depending on skill, the gambler betting with scared money starts hoping to win, which is a very dangerous mindset to have indeed.

The loss of the scared funds might cause the gambler to borrow money to bet more and recover the scared money. This is of course never a good idea.

Some gamblers even resort to crime to get back some of the lost scared money. Others have an emotional breakdown at the thought of not being able to buy food, make a payment on the house, or pay hospital bills.

While using scared money for gambling can be tempting, folks are advised to never attempt it, not if they value their sanity!

Bankroll Management Tips

There are some casino bankroll management tips that bear stating. These are as follows:

  • Being Emotionless

    Emotions are one of the biggest threats to gambling success. Some folks get greedy, fearful, cautious, and fail to properly judge what is before them. This should not be the case, players should strive to be as emotionless as possible. This is vital since emotions have no role at all to play during gameplay and should be carefully bottled up.

  • The Spreading of Bets

    In gambling as in life, when it rains, it pours. So, to ride through losing streaks, players should endeavour to spread their bets and bet small. Doing this might not be as glamorous as betting the table maximum, but is prudent.

  • The Role of Self-Discipline

    Self-discipline is important during gambling and vital to the success of bankroll management. Without self-discipline, players might panic at the first loss, and start chasing losses for all they are worth. Being self-disciplined prevents such an occurrence and is therefore important.


Understanding Casino Games bankroll management practices and applying these to gameplay is important. Doing this not only makes it possible for folks to gamble for longer but smooths the way for wins. As such bankroll management is a necessary part of gameplay, at least for folks who wish to tap into the deepest thrills that gambling can offer!