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Mobile Scratch Cards: Basics, Working and Types Explained

Mobile Scratch Cards: Basics, Working and Types Explained

Scratch cards have been the go-to choice for many people who enjoy playing instant win games such as Slots and Bingo. After all, scratch cards are highly interesting to play and can readily be found at country stores and gas stations.

With the advent of internet casinos, it’s now possible for players to enjoy scratch cards from the comfort of their homes and even on the move. In this article, we cover the basics and working on mobile scratch cards. Also, we detail the most common types of scratch cards you can access and play online. Continue reading!

A quick intro on the origins of Scratch Cards

The origins of Scratch Cards can be traced back to the early 1970s, when scientist John Koza and marketer Daniel Bower came up with the idea of developing a computer-based lottery game. The duo succeeded in developing an instant-win lottery title for renowned game provider SGC.

With time, the instant-win game evolved to take the form of scratch cards. And at the start of the 21st century, scratch cards made their way to the online and mobile casino gaming world. Today, you’ll find a vast selection of scratch cards to try your hands at Online Casino London.

How exactly do scratch cards work?

As experienced players would tell, scratch cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A great thing about scratch cards is that they aren’t limited by specific rules when it comes to layout and size. As such, there are scratch cards that come with a small number of pockets and there are scratch games featuring large cards.

The basic premise of mobile scratch card games is simple. You move your finger on your mobile screen to scratch the surface of the virtual card and reveal the symbols imprinted on it. Then based on whether you’ve got the required number of symbols or formed a specific symbol combination, you may or may not receive a payout. It’s worth noting that the potential prize amount will be based on the specific symbol combination you’ve formed and your chosen mobile scratch card game.

Different types of mobile scratch cards

Below we’ve listed the some of the most common types of mobile scratch cards you can try online:

Three of a Kind

This is an interesting scratch card variation to try your hands at. The basic premise of this scratch card variation is that if your card shows three identical numbers, you’ll win a prize for that number. For instance, if you purchase a £5 scratch card and it shows the number 4 three times, you’ll receive £4 in potential winnings.

Multiple chances

Usually, mobile scratch cards feature just a single prize. But some mobile scratch cards offer players the chance to try their luck at multiple prizes with just a single ticket.

Find the number

The name of this mobile scratch card variation says it all. The way this scratch variation differs from other scratch games is that it features two playing fields – small and large. The smaller playing field carries the numbers which can get you a prize.

Jackpot scratch cards

As with several other casino games available at our mobile casino, you’ll also find scratch games featuring special jackpot prizes. The potential prize amounts for mobile scratch games can go up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. In some mobile scratch cards, the jackpot prize can take the form of things such as cars, bikes, holiday trips, and more.

Bingo scratch cards

The basics of this mobile scratch card game are somewhat similar to that of Bingo games. Here, you need to get multiple icons on a valid payline to be able to receive a payout.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing mobile scratch cards

Just like every other mobile casino game, mobile scratch cards have their own set of pros and cons. Below we’ve listed some of them:


Convenience - Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of mobile scratch cards is the convenience they have to offer. You can access mobile scratch card games whenever and wherever you want.

Price adjustment - Mobile scratch cards are available to players of all bankroll budgets.

Bonus offers and promotions - When playing mobile scratch cards, you stand the chance to benefit from a variety of bonuses and promotional rewards.

Demo mode - If you’re new to the world of mobile scratch cards, you can try the game in the demo mode first.


Lacks physical feel - If you’re someone who enjoys scratching the surface of scratch cards, you’ll miss out on that bit when playing mobile scratch games.

Need stable internet connection - Just like playing other casino titles online, you must have a stable internet connection to enjoy seamless mobile scratch cards gameplay.