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Online Casinos Love & Fear Baccarat: Why?

Online Casinos Love & Fear Baccarat: Why?

Most people indeed believe that Poker is undoubtedly the top most online casino game in the world, but the truth is that the game that is loved by the casino players from different parts of the globe is undoubtedly Baccarat. This is a card game, where the dealer, as well as the player, has to make choices, and the cards will be valued on the system of points. The game was created in the casinos in France and Italy by Felix Falguiere in the 1400s. The game was known as "baccara," which meant zero in Italian. 

This game was not a favourite of the Americans because they loved Poker for more than a single decade. However, with time, people started falling in love with this game. Casinos love this card game because more and more people have started showing interest in this game. However, they are also scared because the odds associated with a player winning this game are considered to be the best odds of the casino. 

Playing Baccarat- How?

Baccarat is one of the simplest games to understand, but you need to ensure that you understand the game well. It is a high limit game in which the players have to bet on the "Banker" hand, while the dealer is responsible for doing the rest of the job. The main objective is to move close to 9. However, if the digit is more than 9, the first digit will be dropped. There are several rules in this game that have to be diligently followed, or you are not going to enjoy the game. 

Why Do the Casinos Love Baccarat?

Casinos completely love this game because it is highly profitable. One place that is popular for Baccarat is Macau. Of almost 40 casinos that are there in Macau, 80% of the total profit is responsible for coming from Baccarat tables. 75% of the profits of the casinos in Singapore come from this popular game. 20% of the entire wins of casinos in Las Vegas come from Baccarat. All these statistics mean that the game that helps casinos earn the most is Baccarat. 

There are more slot machines in Las Vegas in comparison to Baccarat tables. Therefore, it can be said that profitability will increase if there are more Baccarat tables. 

There are two important reasons why this game has been super-successful in the casinos. 

  • Firstly, the game is associated with power and luxury because of the movie series of James Bond. It is considered to be a game that wealthy people love playing.
  • Secondly, Baccarat is becoming popular in Asian countries, because they enjoy the notions of good luck. Also, they love the game because it is rule-driven. The rules do not change, and therefore, in the Asian culture, fate is given to players based on how they adhere to the provisions of the game. Apart from that, it is easy to play the game as soon as the rules are understood because players have to decide the hand on which they are going to bet and how much they are going to bet. 

Why Do the Casinos Fear Baccarat?

High rollers love this game, particularly because this is the only game where the house benefit is low. Therefore, if a high roller decides to be either the player or the banker, there will be better and greater chances of winning in comparison to any other games within the Casino. This signifies that if a high roller is playing at high limit Baccarat tables, he will have the probability of winning a huge amount against the casino. For instance, in the casinos of Singapore, high rollers are responsible for betting as high as $550,000 for every hand. The casinos of Las Vegas allow $150,000 bet for every hand. Alternatively, it can also be said that Baccarat is not only a highly rewarding game but also highly risky for not only the Casino but also the players. 

Bottom Line

One question that has been doing the rounds is why the high rollers are attracted to this card game. The answer is that it has a low percentage of house benefits over players at 1.2%. Therefore, it is suggested that you try Baccarat, and you might end up falling in love with this game.