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The Story About the First Casino

The Story About the First Casino

The history of gambling takes us back to thousands of years ago, which is why one does not have a proper indication of when it began. However, the same cannot be said about casinos, especially when it is believed that the first casino opened in Venice in 1638.

Not long after, the craze behind gambling and all the games that it brought forward took over the rest of Europe as players began exploring and looking forward to all that it provided. So let’s go into detail and learn more about the first casino. 

Casinò di Venezia - The First Casino

A beautiful building along the canal of Venice, called Casino di Venezia was the first casino known to have originated in the world. It had a gambling lounge and as you can guess from the time, only wealthy individuals came forward to gamble. Unlike online casinos, which spring up every now and time, gambling back in the day took time.

But once it did come up, European Cities began following the same model and by the 1700s, the continent saw one gambling establishment after the other being opened up for people to explore and play the activity. Thus this era, in particular, was later known as the start of something new for the gambling industry.

It laid the foundation for casinos and table games because of which gambling has developed and spread all around the world. 

The Introduction of New Games  

While gambling was spreading around the world, it lacked the kind of gaming options that we see today. Thanks to the introduction of online and mobile casinos, one need not worry about the shortage of games because there might never be one. However, we are talking about an era where games were yet to be introduced.

Looking back, there are several stories as to who brought in a game like Poker. While some believe that it was first played in the salons of Paris during the 1700s, others believe that American settlers could be held responsible for the same. You see, gambling was popular in the US but was banned in 1910. 

While the activity has come again, the current state is nothing compared to what it was. Regardless, we might have to thank the Americans for Poker, if the stories are indeed facts. 

The Growth of Vegas 

Las Vegas is now synonymous with gambling. But there was a certain time when the sinful city had no connection at all with a Blackjack table or anything related to the idea of gambling. The business of casinos was once in a dire state because the city was forced to outlaw the activity of gambling.

While that seemed like the end, casinos managed to find ways and that period could be termed as the beginning of the famous sinful city. A lot has been told about those times, including mafia dealings and other ventures, which is why the place earned its reputation as a sinful city.

Luckily in 1931, the state of Nevada was allowed to play casino games and engaged in the process of betting. This legal authorisation was very much-needed to remove the previous reputation and look towards gambling as a legal activity. So this period, in particular, can be termed as the growth of Las Vegas. 

If the laws were not changed, we would never have had the most famous spot in the world, known as Las Vegas. Things would be different because a prime casino spot would be out of the picture. All the casino chips and casino offers that we now get to see being tossed around different casinos in Vegas would just be a dream.

The Modern Interpretation of Gambling 

From being linked to the Mafia to being considered a legal activity, gambling was surely has come a long way, especially when you go back to the times of the first casino. Things have changed over the years and technological changes have also come on board to help gambling be what it is today.

We no longer have to be worried about gaming options because we have plenty of table games and we no longer have to be worried about the real gaming experience because we now have live casinos. Hence, gambling moves across a state of luxury and we might be able to see the same for a long time. 

But nothing lasts forever. So all the tools and instruments that are currently used for gambling might become outdated and we might even see an upgrade in the future. Talks about combining gambling with Virtual Reality and even Artificial Intelligence are all taking place as we speak.

Hence, the future could bring in something new, different and vibrant. 


The story about the first casino not only keeps you informed about how gambling came into the picture but also how it has changed. The activity has grown past a few problems and has become something that nobody expected to be.

Nobody expected to see large crowds outside casinos in Vegas and nobody expected that they could gamble in their home by using their smartphones. So the period of growth can be looked at in stages because it all began with the first casino. 

Once the first casino came into being, people got excited and wanted to know more about it. With time, they began introducing more games and further explored the process with ease. Later, we were taken to the growth of gambling destinations with the biggest of them being Las Vegas. 

And now we are at the modern interpretation of the game where topics like online casinos, mobile casinos, live casinos and more are a part of the conversion. While we are busy exploring these topics, let’s also remember Casino di Venezia for it was the first casino.