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The Evolution of Slots

The Evolution of Slots

If somebody told people who loved playing slot machines back in the 20th century that in the near future they can enjoy slot gaming actions at their homes, it’d have made a good laughing stock. But the advancement in technologies in the 21st century brought a revolution in every industry. The casino industry is no exception, especially slots, in the last decade, they have come a long way from big mechanical machines to mobile casinos.

Traditional Slot Machines

The early version of online slot games were one-armed bandits. These big mechanical machines had a lever to spin the reels. These machines were popular and could even be found at a salon back in those days. The joy of pulling of lever after inserting a coin and the excitement of winning was unbeatable.

At the end of the 20th century, electronic versions of slots were already introduced to the gambling industry. These machines were far behind in terms of graphics quality and other features compared to modern slot games. Nevertheless, these were a big hit as electronic gadgets were in their very early stage at that time.

Advanced Slot Machines

In the early 21st century, electronic gadgets were going through a revolutionary phase. The early digital slots were fun but not that efficient and enthralling. As technology knocked on the door of game developers, gamblers were treated with wonderful advanced slot machines that provided a better overall gaming experience.

These machines introduced a better graphic resolution. People were quite excited to see attractive themes and alluring good resolution video graphics. To top that, these machines also included catchy soundtracks for the joy of players. Not to forget, those slot games with voices of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse etc were a massive hit among the players.

The Internet Revolution

The inception of the internet changed the world forever. It brought a revolution in every industry. Gaming industry probably saw the best effects of it. Going to a brick and mortar casino to enjoy your favourite games was not possible for everyone. In fact, it was limited to very few people in limited parts of the world. Because let’s face it, not everyone can make a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy some casino gaming right?

This is where the internet changed things forever for players. Casinos introduced their online versions. Casino websites were accessible on desktops with fine net connectivity. This way players from around the world managed to enjoy their favourite slots at homes. To top that, graphics and sound quality kept improving day by day. After the year 2010, online casino games became a big thing, popular globally among gamblers.

Online Slots

Online casinos provided a platform to players globally to enjoy flawless casino gaming. In recent years, online casinos make their way from desktops to smartphones and tablets. Today, the mobile casino is the most preferred platform for casino lovers to enjoy their favourite slot games. 

Mobile casinos are available for different operating platforms such as iOS and Android. Today, a major chunk of casino players enjoy casino gaming on online platforms rather than brick and mortar gamble houses. Moreover, online casinos house hundreds of slot games and exciting bonus offers at one place for the delight of players.

Future of Slots

If you believe that we have come to the end of development in online casino gaming, you could not be more wrong. In fact, many people believe that we have merely seen a trailer of the big picture that is about to come in many coming years. The future of online slots is Virtual Reality (VR). It still bugs a lot of people that they’re playing the two-dimensional games on the computer/mobile screen. It is to be changed with the implementation of VR. So stay tuned and get hyped for the authentic real-life casino gaming experience.