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The Types and Popularity of Straight Slots

The Types and Popularity of Straight Slots

Also known as flat-top slots or static slots, straight slots are the simplest way to gamble. Unlike other slot machines available at casinos, straight slots have just a single payline, one jackpot and no bonus games. In addition, the jackpot prize is almost never progressive.

Although the concept of straight slots is the same as regular slots, there are some varieties for players to choose from. In this article, we’ll take at the different types of straight slot machines. Read on!

What are straight slots?

Straight slots are the original slot machines of the 20th century. Until the invention of progressive slots, straight slots were the only machines available at casino game website. Years after their invention, straight slots are just as popular as they were about 100 years ago.

The first slot machine in the modern sense was invented by Bavarian-born American inventor Charles August Fey in 1888. The machine was named as Liberty Bell and its symbols were made of card symbols, horseshoes and a bell. Electronic slot machines didn’t come about until 1963 when Bally technology released the ‘Money Honey’ – a slot machine that took multiple coins and featured sound effects. From then on, slot manufacturers began to develop slot machines with multiple paylines, jackpots and bonus games.

Types of straight slots

Based on the different payout schedules, slots are subdivided into various types. They are:

Multiplier slots

Multiplier slots are one of the most popular types of straight slots. These slots offer payouts based on the total number of coins that are wagered for each spin of the reels. For example, if you wagered one coin and the machine pays 5 coins for a combination of three identical symbols, then you may win 20 coins if you bet 4 coins. Thus, the payout increases with the number of coins you insert in the slot. However, it’s best to avoid playing with the maximum number of coins as this can decrease your hit frequency.

Bonus multiplier slots

Just like regular multiplier slots, the payout of bonus multiplier slots is based on the number of coins wagered. The difference here is that these slots feature a special bonus that increases the payout for winning symbol combinations if the player bets maximum coins. For example, if you manage to get three cherries on the reels using this bonus, you may get a higher jackpot.

Mutli-payline slots

Most modern casino slot games offer multiple paylines for the players to bet on. In multi-payline straight slots, every next payline is activated by means of wagering additional coins. For example, if you wager one coin and the pay line with the winning combination isn’t activated, you’ll receive no payout. However, if you bet additional coins, you can activate a new payline and have a better chance of winning.

Buy-a-Pay slots

Another type of straight slot is the buy-a-plot slot, which features more than one payout table. This means that players have the chance to place additional bets across the tables instead of just sticking to one. Typically, these slot machines offer a payout for winning combinations only in case you wager a sufficient amount of coins for a certain combination. For example, if you wager one coin and the machine hits the winning combination of three cherries that is supposed to “cost” two coins, you won’t be paid.

Wildcard slots

Wildcard slots feature a wildcard symbol that has the ability to substitute for any other symbol. For example, if you get three sevens and a wildcard, the wild symbol can substitute for a third seven and win you a payout.

The popularity of straight slots

Straight slots were the only option for slot players in the past. However, almost 130 years later, they still remain popular among the slot community.

There are various reasons as to why straight slots are so popular. For some players, it’s the minimalism that appeals to them. As the simplest type of slots, they can easily be played without flashy animations and sound effects. Often, the flashier the slot machine, the lower the payback. This is because flashy slot machines cost more, so they tend to make more money from players. On the other hand, straight slots have the lowest house edge. With that in mind, they are considered as the easiest slot machines to win on.

Along with a low house edge, straight slots have a higher hit frequency than other slot games. This means that it’s easier to get a jackpot on a straight slot as compared to a progressive machine. And to win, all you need to do is match up the three symbols on the reels.