Instant Win Games

The name is enough to give these games an introduction. These are real-money games that you can play at our casino instantly. This instantaneity is facilitated by the fact that it doesn’t require you to learn rules and strategies or understand the bets before playing them. You can just click on the game and within a blink of an eye, you are taken to the game where you can enjoy the game. 

Online Casino London is a leader in bringing some of the best instant win games for its players, owing to our reputation with the game providers and the casino enthusiasts. So, if you are wishing to try a few instant win games, you are indeed at the right place! Let us enlighten you with all the essential knowledge on instant win games and our casino before you start rolling your sleeves, wiping off the daily work sweat. 

The unbelievable instantaneity of IWG at Online Casino London

As mentioned earlier, the key feature that separates instant win games from the league of all other casino games is the instantaneity. These games are so instantaneous when compared to any other casino games at our website that it will take you by surprise. Click on the game and you are already in the game before you would realize. Which is why these games are so popular in most parts of the world where they are accessible. However, since these games are playable at our casino, it gives such games another dimension that needs a mention. 

instant win games

Compatibility we provide for playing instant win games

Online Casino London in one of the few online casinos that has been successful in spreading its wings over the mediums. This widespread presence is a result of continuous efforts from our makers and the right owners.  But you don’t have to take much from that. All you need to care about is that we are present all over the internet, on your desktop, on your laptop and even on your phones. If you are using a device that has a supported operating system and an internet connection, you will find us there with certainty. 

Such a widespread availability gives us the ability to bring all types of games like mobile slots and scratch card games to your hands. Similarly, instant win games also get freewill to reach out to all mediums and entertain people all over. In fact, mobile-based instant win games are the new trend of the modern world, since mobiles are the new superpowers of the fast and sleek world. 

instant win games

Are these instant win games secured?

We have a tendency to doubt anything we see coming to us easily. We doubt happiness to be an indication of the forthcoming sorrow. We see a lottery win as a potential reason for future self-destruction. Similarly, when we see the ease we get with instant win games, we doubt their security. But since you have chosen Online Casino London to play them, the one thing you should never be worrying about is ‘Security’. The security can be of any kind, personal data, account details or our authenticity. The instant win games we provide here are powered by some of the most trusted game providers across the globe. Hence, the only part left for you to take note of is the types of instant win games you can find at our casino. Let us look into it. 

Instant win games at Online Casino London that are a must-try!

Some of the top instant win games we offer at our online casino are:

  • Legend of Cleopatra

    Legend of Cleopatra is more than just a normal slot game. The quick understandability and reward procedure makes it one of the better online slot game to try. Thanks to its small-high betting limits, 95.5% RTP and volatility, and good looking design, it is a game that will definitely engage you in its premise.
  • Monster Wheels

    Developed by one of the biggest game providers in the casino world, Microgaming, the quality of this game is never under the axe. The unconventional reel layout but easy to learn gameplay are the major interest points of the game. Spin the wheel with Monster Wheels!
  • Cash Bug

    If you want to get your hands on a fun and frantic instant win game, this might just be the one for you. With an RTP as high as 97%, it manages to deliver big and instant wins owing to their multipliers that regularly group together.
  • Medusa

    One cannot really question a game if it is powered by one of the most famous and well-reputed game providers of all time. Medusa is an instant win slot game, which is backed by Nextgen Gaming and has an amazing 5-reel design. The gameplay is so easy and astonishing that it doesn’t let you think of another game, even for a moment.
  • Wheel of Fortune

    Once you are into this game, there is looking back. Yes, the Wheel of Fortune instant win game is as impeccable as it can be. It includes plenty of classic features that are based on the famous TV show, broadcast with the same name. A themed instant win game is just the difference you would like to see when bored of gaming. 

These games are easy to play and take less than a minute to finish, even less than the next easiest game offered at our casino, online Bingo. Nevertheless, these are just the top games that we felt are a must-try. If you are a casino enthusiast and love exploring new, fun-and-easy game, we have a plethora of them lined up for you. Make sure you check them out!