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Welcome to the ultimate bingo battlefields; if you’re a newbie, these are your training grounds, and if you’re a professional, these will be your proving grounds. Online Casino London brings to you the best there is to try in Bingo, an easy game of chance highly popular in Europe. It’s a fun and social game that barely costs anything to play, so you’re guaranteed to get excellent value out of your money. So welcome to the battlefields and prepare to have fun.

How to Play Online Bingo — A Quick Guide

Sorry pros, but you can skip this section, but for all the newbies who aren’t familiar or haven’t played Bingo online before, here’s a really quick guide.

Objective - The main objective of Bingo is to mark off numbers on a card and complete a line or a full house before others to win a prize.

To play Bingo online on Online Casino India, you need to select a game that you’d like to play. You’ll then receive a virtual card that has a series of numbers marked in rows and columns. When the game starts, the caller will start drawing numbers. A caller, in this case, is a programme that selects numbers randomly.

You need to follow the caller carefully and mark off the numbers that are called. To make this easier, we’ve added an auto dub feature. You can toggle it on to let the software cross off numbers for you to ensure you never miss a call. 

Depending on the type of game you’re playing, mark off a line, multiple lines or all your numbers — known in the game as a full house — and you’ll win a prize. Note that the game is over when any one player gets a full house. Regarding the prize, you can win a fixed jackpot, a progressive jackpot, or a community jackpot depending on the game. Fixed jackpots are awarded in each game no matter what, progressive jackpots roll over and add up each time it’s not claimed, and community jackpots reward every player playing Bingo online UK at the time.

Bingo Variations at Online Casino London

In our vast collection of online bingo games, you’ll find a number of variations worth trying. Each variation has its own perks of playing and we suggest you try each one at least once. Before we look at the variations we have, let’s look at the way Bingo games are mainly differentiated.

Straight-line Pattern games require players to make straight lines on their cards, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Next are the Shape Pattern games that can only be won by marking off numbers in the pattern of predetermined shapes like triangles, squares, and crosses among others. You may even be asked to form patterns in the shapes of letters of the alphabet in Letter Pattern games. Finally, Blackouts are a unique type of online bingo games in which you have to cross out the entire card. They make for some really interesting games.

Now that you understand different types of Bingo games, here are the variations you can play with us:

  • 90 Ball Bingo 

This is the traditional type of Bingo played in the UK and Europe. It has 90 squares on the Bingo card grid, which is made up of three horizontal lines and nine columns. The Bingo card you’ll receive will have a total of fifteen cards, five on each line. These numbers will be distributed as follows: column one contains numbers one to nine, column two contains numbers ten through nineteen, and so on up to 90.

  • 75 Ball Bingo

Played mostly in the US and Canada, 75 Ball Bingo has 75 squares on the card. It has five horizontal lines and five columns where each column is headed by a letter spelling BINGO. The first column can contain numbers from one through 15, the second one will have numbers between 16 and 30, and so on. The space in the middle of the card has no numbers on it.

  • 80 Ball Bingo

Considered a happy medium between 75 and 90, 80 Ball Bingo is a relatively new addition to our Bingo catalogue. In this, the card has four horizontal lines and four columns each marked by a different colour. It’s played similar to 75 Ball Bingo.

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We’ve told you about our best online Bingo catalogue, given you a quick guide to playing the game, and told you all about the variations we have. In addition, our website and games are beautiful to look at and easy to pick up and play. After all, it’s we are one of the best online bingo sites around, even with the numerous new online bingo sites coming up. You’ll find other games like Online Blackjack, Online Roulette, Online Slots, Video Slots, Mobile Casino, and Mobile Slots in our vast game library. We also have several other features to make it convenient and bonuses to make it profitable. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start playing.