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Blackjack apart from being one of the most popular card games worldwide is also one of the most primitive card games known to the human race. However, people who are into Blackjack gaming know that the game is not even close to being primitive in this modern world. The Internet has brought a big revolution in every field that successfully entered the 21st century. One such survivor of time that crossed the line of 1999 were casinos. The immense development and popularity of the internet transformed the classic games of casinos, bringing them to the now-famous online casinos. Although this doesn’t stand as a fact, online Blackjack is often said to be the first game in the world of online casinos. 

What makes Online Blackjack Stand Out?

The card game is known to have been played at different places with different names ‘ving-et-un’ ‘twenty one’ and what not! However, it is not the variety of attractive names which makes it stand out from other card games in a casino. The game, where on one side, is a simple card game which requires a bit of luck, and the skill to handle his nerves and make the right move. This unique blend of luck and skill in a card game which has simple rules and structure of gameplay is what makes the game special. However, the stand out features of the game expand when it comes to online Blackjack. The Online Blackjack brings the perks of the game on the laps of its players, quite literally. The ease of being able to play this exciting game of cards is something which no other card game has been able to reach. The ease of access is one of the reasons which makes other casino games like Online Roulette and Online Bingo a menace among the casino lovers. 

A Simple Guide to Play Blackjack Online

We have been talking about the simplicity of online Blackjack for ages now, so it is time now that we clarify why? Playing Blackjack online is relatively easier as compared to the land-based casino version. How? Just follow the steps.

  1. The first and the most important step is to find the best online casino for playing the game from the plethora of online casinos already present on the internet. However, we assume, the most important step is already resolved for you since you are reading this piece of information at Online Casino London. 
  2. The next step is to register with our online casino by providing the necessary details in our new account sign-up section. You may be asked for details like your identity, address, bank details and source of income. All these pieces of information are important to ensure smooth gameplay here at Online Casino London. These details help us understand the player’s authenticity and ability to enjoy our services in the healthiest way possible. You will also not want to be out cashed or thrown out of a really exciting game of Blackjack online mid-way.
  3. If you thought that just because of the pre-established popularity and simplicity, we are asking you to start playing this card game, you may be wrong. You will find a number of Blackjack variants to choose from in the Online Blackjack section of our online casino. What you need to do is to choose the one that suits the taste of your gaming. You can always shift to another variant whenever you feel like doing so. Boredom stays a thousand miles away from this online casino.

Now that you have followed the three major steps of playing Online Blackjack, you need to get familiar with the game, if you are still not.

Get Familiar with Online Blackjack at Online Casino London

Most of you might already be familiar with the details of the game. Online Blackjack, similar to the land-based Blackjack, follows similar rules and gameplay process. The main objective of Online Blackjack is to reach to a pair of cards with a value closest to 21 or 21 exact. All online Blackjack games have the set values of the cards, i.e. a card with 2 written on it holds 2 value points. The same sequence follows up to 10. The change comes when you enter the face cards K, Q, J and A. The face cards K, Q, J are valued less and contribute nothing to the total sum of the pair, but the Ace card has a dual nature. Ace can be counted as a 1 or 11 as required in the game. 

The player fights against the dealer and tries to earn cards with a total value higher than the other one and as close to 21 as possible. You can choose from a number of moves to alter your cards, like Hit, Stand, Split, and Double Down. All these moves lead you to different conclusions. So make sure you make the right move analysing the situation of the game. Happy gaming!