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Did you know that the real origins of Casino Roulette are hidden in the midst of jumbled mystery to this day? Some believe it all started with ancient Chinese board games while others think the Roman and Greek soldiers came up with it in times of war. Most, however, give credit to the well-known physicist and inventor Blaise Pascal for inventing this game of chance.

But no matter what, here you are today, in an online casino where you’re about to play Online Roulette. This game of chance has more than stood the test of time; it has thrived and is only becoming more popular as online casinos like us are making it more accessible. So, if you’re one of the new players, here’s a short guide.

How to Play Online Roulette — A Short Guide

Your main objective in Roulette is to correctly predict the pocket on the wheel where the ball will land. But what’s a wheel? A Roulette wheel is a disc that has numbered pockets and can rotate if spun. A small ball is launched onto the wheel as the wheel spins, it spins with it. Over time, the wheel comes to rest and the ball settles into a pocket. Your goal is to predict that number.

The pockets on the casino Roulette wheel are also coloured red, black, and green. The number of pockets may differ between 37 and 38 depending on the variant you’re playing. You’re required to place bets on one or more of the numbers using a table layout present beside the wheel. There are four types of bets you can place. 

  • Outside bets - When you want to play it safe, outside bets are your best bets. Though they have a small payout, they have a rather high win probability. The most commonly known bets are even money bets that cover almost half of all outcomes and offer a payout of 1:1.
  • Inside bets - If you’re feeling more confident, try placing inside bet. This type of bet covers a single number or a small group no numbers. As you can guess, your win probability is low and payout high.
  • Called bets - For called bets, you don’t have to use the table layout. Rather, you can bet on a combination of numbers formed directly from their positions on the Roulette wheel.
  • En Prison and La Partage - The En Prison and La Partage bets eliminate the complexity that arises when you place an even-money bet and the ball lands on zero. To reduce your losses, your bet amount is either split or you’re allowed to play another round with it while playing in a casino online.

Having explained the basics, here’s how you play online Roulette at Online Casino London. First, pick a Roulette game from our library and do consider various factors like betting limits, design, and variant in mind while doing so.

At the start of the round, you’ll be notified with a betting timer that appears on your screen. The timer will be accompanied by a virtual layout that lets you place bets. Most of the best propositions are specified on this virtual layout and you can place your bets directly on them. For special bets like Splits, Street Bets, and Corner Bets, you can use the Racecourse layout provided beside it.

As the betting time runs out, the table layout will disappear and the game will spin the wheel. The RNG will decide where the ball lands and depending on the outcomes you’ll win or lose.

Roulette Variants at Online Casino London

You’ll be surprised to know that American Roulette was originally developed in Europe but discontinued on the continent. However, it was accepted wholeheartedly in the US. But how do they differ? European Roulette is played with a wheel having 37 pockets — numbers 1-36 and a “0” pocket — but American Roulette is played with a wheel having 38 pockets — numbers 1-36 and, “0” pocket, and a “00” pocket.

Thus, the European Roulette has a low house edge of 2.7% while the American Roulette has a dramatically high house edge of 5.26%. Though the payout for both American and European wheels is 35-to-one, the difference in win probabilities means that players earn the same when they manage to win, but will win less often in the American version.

At Online Casino London, you’ll find plenty of games in both variants. So play the Roulette variant you’re more familiar with.

Why Play Online Roulette at Online Casino London?

Here’s why you should register at our casino right away and start playing: we have a large collection of Online Roulette games, so you’re guaranteed to find the one that you like. We have an easy-to-use website and host games that are intuitive to play. You’ll get to choose from hundreds of games in categories like Online Blackjack, Online Roulette, Online Slot games, Video Slots, Mobile games, Mobile Slots, and Online Bingo. We only bring safe and registered Online Roulette games on your platform. And finally, we offer a host of bonuses and promotional offers to make your gambling fun.