Pay by Mobile Casino

Imagine a situation where you could simply log-in to your casino account, choose your favourite game and as you are about to make your first deposit with an online casino, you remember that you don’t have your wallet with you to feed in your card details. You don’t believe in mobile payments methods being safe and hence, do not use an E-wallet too. So, what are the options you are left with now? Climb up to the internet cloud and pay the online casino in cash or get an OTP on your mobile phone and pay directly? Take as much as time you need to answer this question, but if you want to a quick answer, read on for more. 

In the current world, there is more use of money today than yesterday. Now since the places you could transact have increased, there ought to be more methods of transacting for ease of payment. And when it comes to ease of payment, Pay by Mobile options tops the list. 

What is Pay by Mobile method of payment?

Pay by Mobile is a payment method that lets you pay at a casino just by the use of a mobile phone. Each time you pay to the casino via Pay by Mobile option, the amount is added to your phone bill and you can pay them later at the end of the month or whatever your phone billing cycle is. For prepaid users, instead of the amount being added to your phone bill, it is deducted from your prepaid balance. 

A casino that offers this option as one of their payment methods is called Pay by Mobile casino. Pay by Mobile casinos are rare and must not be missed looking at the benefits of this payment method that we shall see below. We, at Online Casino London, take pride in being one of the few top online casinos that have Pay by Mobile as an option to make payments on our casino games online. Here is why we give this payment method such significance and also probably why you should never miss a chance to play online casino games at our Pay by Mobile phone casino.

What sets Pay by Mobile apart from other payment options?

Pay by Mobile payment method was destined to be different and have advantages over other payment options owing to the following factors.

  • Instant payment like no other

Pay by Mobile is instantaneous. Its instantaneity is incomparable to that of internet banking or cards that would some times take a day or two to seek approval. Wire transfer is even more far from the speed of Pay by Mobile, since the prior sometimes takes a major 5-6 days for approval. The instantaneity Pay by Mobile brings is comparable only to that of the E-wallets. As soon as you enter the OTP you receive on your registered mobile phone, the transaction is complete.  

To learn the process of paying via Pay by Mobile, have a close look at the following steps:

  1. Select the Pay by Mobile option on our payment options page. 

  2. Type in/choose the amount you want to deposit.

  3. Link your phone number to your casino account. Recheck your number and if the number is in working condition, as the OTPs will regularly be sent to this number.
  4. Now you shall receive a confirmation code and then, you are good to enjoy casino gaming via Pay by Mobile.
  • Less personal details, less risk

One of the best features of this payment method is that it never asks for your account or bank details to complete a transaction. No matter who it is, when it comes to providing the bank details people feel insecure. If you too are one of them, congratulations! you have found your way out.

  • You get what you pay for

Extra charges on paying are something that bothers people of all classes, rich and poor. The fact that Pay by Mobile has no extra/hidden/additional charges comes as bliss for the players. You can simply make your payment without having to worry about extra money being charged to you. 

  • Keeps you safe from the dark side of gambling

You might find articles on the internet that state “Pay by Mobile has a small limit” under the cons section. At Online Casino London, we consider it the biggest advantage for our players. We are all very well aware that gambling addiction can ruin the lives of an individual and his family. A low limit restricts the player from reaching that level of developing a gambling problem, keeping the gaming environment safe and clean. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Play your favourite online casino games in a secure and super-fun casino environment with Pay by Mobile as your payment option. Hurry! Visit us now!