Video Slots

Online casinos nowadays are the kind of the menace they are, owing to the array of exciting games they provide for their players. The ability of such casinos to bring the best of both worlds, games from the land and technology from the clouds, is what allows them to gain such popularity. Online Blackjack and Online Roulette are the flag-bearer of the amazing games online casinos provide you with. However, it is not just these classic games that run a casino, right? We here at Online Casino London, dive deep into the true potential of online casino and unlock the likes of video slots. 

How are Video Slots Different From the Slot Machines?

Video slots are the online on-screen representation of the widely known and loved slot machine games. What comes handy here is that you don’t need to be in the symphony of noise around you, need not worry if the machine is in good working condition and pull the lever to trigger the spin. What you will forever be asked to do is just click a few buttons to play and enjoy the game at the comfort of home, in your pyjamas.

How do Video slots Function?

Video slots use the latest and most accurate functioning technology to present before you a random set of combinations on the reel every time, Random Number Generator. RNG is engineered in a way that it presents a new and random result every time without any human manipulation. Hence, the technology can be trusted. The selected numbers are then translated into the symbols that you see on the reel. 

However, the number of winning combinations are decided by the number of reels that video slot offers. The more the number of reels on the game, more is the number of combinations you can create. We shall learn more about it here.

How do the Video Slots Pay?

A video slot has several features and one such is the payout. In fact, there are no more payout systems in any online casino game than a video slot. Some of the best video slots will offer more than a thousand ways of payouts.

Numerous Paylines

Unlike the on-floor slot machines, video slots have no boundaries of paylines. You will not be on the winner’s side only when you get a winning symbol on the reels, rather there can be a number of winning combinations that may result in huge or simple payoffs depending on the rarity of the combination. There are multiple paylines like a diagonal combination or a 3 in 5 winning combination in a game with 5 reels. A game with more number of reels is likely to have more paylines as set by the casino or the game developer. But wait, that is not all, there are more factors that bring more chances of winning to you. Let us have a look.

Wild Symbols

Just as the name suggests, wild symbols are some of the wildest functions of a video slot game. The wild symbols are specific symbols in a specific video slot game that are given the ability to play a role of any other symbol on the reels to help you form a winning combination. If you have similar symbols on the reel but unfortunately they happen to be non-consecutive, if the wild symbol somehow lies between those symbols, then it can complete the combination and help you earn a bigger win. Wild, isn’t it? 

However, wild symbols cannot match with the scatter symbol or bonus symbol.

Scatter Pays

Scatter pays are another unique feature of video slots online. They don’t have to come in between some kind of rare spot to let you win, rather they can be ‘scattered’ all over the screen where your winnings will be affected. For example, if you see a certain number of scatter symbols on your screen, depending on your choice of game you might be rewarded with a bonus event or a straight payout.

Bonus Events

And here we land at the most exciting part of any online video slots game. Everybody loves bonuses, and so does video slots. There are a number of situations and symbols that let the players avail one of the many bonus events present on various games. The bonus events can be of various kinds that include free spins, wheel spins or a pick-a-prize event. Whatever it may be, the increase in the number of opportunities it brings for you to win in a video slot game is humongous. These bonus events are triggered in the game at different conditions for different games. 

Why Choose Online Casino London for Video Slots?

Apart from our focus on providing the best casino games like Online Bingo and Mobile Slots, the casino strives in offering best-in-class video slot games. The game developers put in immense effort and time to develop an intrusive game for the players, and we play the role of the best carriers of the genre by providing a plethora of the most splendid video slots. Make sure you check them out!