Blackjack is by all accounts one of the simplest games ever. It is this simplicity coupled to its potential for delivering very solid amounts of fun and thrills that keep players devotedly playing the game for hours on end.


Blackjack- A Game Of Kings

This is an old game that has not changed much since it was invented. Back in the days, the game could only be played by being physically present in casinos, with players being required to dress up for this. Such no longer applies as of this time, as the game can now be conveniently played online via desktops, tablets, smartphones and what have you.

As the game proliferated across a wide variety of mediums, its popularity has shown a corresponding increase. Indeed, it is by now one of the most popular casino games on the planet. 

This popularity is also enhanced by the fact that the evolution of the game throughout the ages has inevitably resulted in the creation of a multiplicity of variants. These variants are simply too many to be adequately described, and ensure that players of all stripes can always play a game that is uniquely tailored to their wants and needs.

How to play it?

Blackjack is also known as 21, with the number referring to the fact that players are required to get hands whose value totals 21. Getting a hand worth more than this results in a bust and loss, while getting less than this and less than the worth of the dealer’s hand will also result in a loss. Invented hundreds of years ago in Spain, blackjack eventually took the rest of the world by storm and enjoys unprecedented popularity. 

To begin play, players will be dealt hands by the dealer, with the dealer reserving a couple of cards for himself/herself. Once the hands have been received, players can choose to Hit, Split or Stand, and can also exercise other options.

In the end, the winner is the one who has a blackjack hand -21. If no one achieves such a score, the winner is the one whose hand is most valuable.

Wins and losses are equal parts luck and skill. While luck can determine the initial cards that players will be dealt, it takes skill to know how best to put them to use.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack is an old game, that can be played by anyone and which happens to be packed with insane amounts of thrills and suspense.  Play a game of today and try to grab some huge bucks.