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The Variations of Blackjack That You Need to Know

The Variations of Blackjack That You Need to Know

Considering the importance of Blackjack for the casino industry, one was bound to see more of the game. And Blackjack Variations are what they got. These variations bring in small differences and take the game to a whole different level. While the objectives remain the same, the method of achieving it might differ. 

Due to that, exploring the variations of Blackjack will certainly help you understand how the game has changed and how it has adapted. These variations will also be of great help in playing different kinds of Blackjack games. So read the following and learn more about the variations of Blackjack.

  • European Blackjack 

European BlackjackEuropean Blackjack is the most common variant of the game that you are bound to find everywhere you go. It is known to be the game from which Blackjack evolved and thus holds great importance in the hearts and minds of Blackjack players. While it stems away from being a little different from the classic version of Blackjack, it follows the same principles and objectives.

So while it is different, it is not a whole different game, meaning that a few methods are going to be similar and having played classic Blackjack should certainly help you get your way around European Blackjack. Just read more about implementing a Blackjack strategy and you should be good to go.

  • American Blackjack  

American BlackjackThe key difference between European and American Blackjack is when the dealer takes the hole card. While European Blackjack makes its dealers wait until the player has received the hole card, American Blackjack gives the dealer the hole card even before the player receives it.

Moving ahead, there are a few more differences and these are some of the key factors that you are bound to encounter once you start playing American Blackjack, soon after understanding what European Blackjack stands for. Regardless of Blackjack rules, both these variants are fun and quite easy to play. 

All you need is the right amount of time playing and practicing the game, which should be considered as building upon the Blackjack level of gaming experience. 

  • Blackjack Switch 

Blackjack SwitchBlackjack Switch has built its way to the top ever since Geoff Hall patented it in 2009. As soon as it got established into a proper casino game, everyone has been behind it in order to understand all that it has to offer. Be it through offline or online casinos, Blackjack Switch has risen in terms of user counts. But why is everyone playing it?

The main reason behind it is the fact that Blackjack Switch uses two hands instead of one. So players can play with two hands separately and try to understand all that the game brings forward. Moving further, they also have the option to switch, which is another interesting fact about Blackjack Switch.

So without a doubt, the game is an interesting one and anyone who is witnessing the game for the first time is bound to understand it all. 

  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs  

Blackjack Perfect PairsBlackjack Perfect Pairs is always quoted as a game that made side bets popular again. Not only does it offer the perfect pairs of side bets, but it also helps you understand how to make the most of it. So the variant and also what it aims to achieve are specific aspects that you need to remember. 

And when it comes to playing the game, players are offered the side bets before the cards are even dealt. So there will be a lot to focus on and if you don’t concentrate, you might lose a grip over everything. Due to that, it is quite important to explore the rules of Blackjack Perfect Pairs, understand them and then look towards making it count.

  • Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip BlackjackThe South Las Vegas Boulevard is quite famous, which is why we don’t even have to provide an introduction. The famous strip brings in players from all around the world and it is so popular that we also have a Blackjack game named after it. Yes, that’s right. Vegas Strip Blackjack is not only different from the other variants of the game but is also named after ‘The Strp’.

It uses four decks of cards, to begin with, and the dealer stands soft on 17. As you move forward, you will also encounter other rules like splitting up when there are four hands per game, doubling down on any initial hand. While we all tend to observe the house edge before any of these rules, it is still important to know it all.

Moreover, the game is also available in the online world, making it a classic online Blackjack game.

  • Double Exposure Blackjack 

Double Exposure BlackjackDouble Exposure Blackjack has always been known to be a hit among players because it increases the odds for players. However, that does not mean you will always win when you play it. The Blackjack odds for the game varies when compared to other variants but it also comes with the same financial risk that we are known to see in Blackjack games.

Thanks to its odds, you may find it hard to play these games, especially when you consider their availability. Not all casinos will feature this version of Blackjack and even if they do, it is quite rare that you will find one of these casinos. But if you do find one, make sure to bring in a Blackjack chart for strategy purposes and do it all with ease.


From European Blackjack to Double Exposure Blackjack, the variations of this classic game are more or less like a never-ending puzzle. They keep coming in with important differences and once they arrive, players are more than ready to start exploring them. So continue learning all about the different variations of Blackjack and continue playing them, especially if Blackjack is the game of your choice.