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Deciding a casino theme for your big day: Tips and guidelines

Deciding a casino theme for your big day: Tips and guidelines

Nowadays, many people love a theme-based wedding arrangement. Themes may be something you want, of course, but for most people, the idea is to make their special day a celebration of anything they like doing. That's when you're going to see a couple getting married on the beach or at a favourite sports stadium, for example. However, if you love to indulge in online slots or any mobile casino games for that matter, then why not throw a huge casino-themed wedding? After all, many people who have agreed to get married will already imagine hitting the jackpot in marriage, so what could be more appropriate than a casino- themed wedding? Here are a few tips for throwing a fun, yet elegant casino themed wedding.

Go for a stylish wedding!

Instead of planning a wedding theme after the 1995 Casino, make sure you are planning a party in the Casino Royale style – that way, the celebration will be even more unforgettable. Bear in mind, though, that your visitors might not get the same idea, so you can do your best to remind them of the kind of party you are preparing.

Of course, you should attempt to create an immersive environment, too – the clothes of your guests won't give you a true casino theme feel. You will achieve this by using shades that are typically found in casinos. Also keep in mind though, that if you depend too heavily on typical casino theme colours, your wedding could end up looking less trendy than you wanted it to be.

Having the event at a real casino

If you have attended a wedding in the past, you are sure to know how sloppy things seem to be when receptions and services are performed in two separate cities. The nice thing about casino-themed weddings is that they let you arrange the entire thing in one venue.

There are a variety of trendy hotels with exuberant chandeliers and captivating stairs – the ideal spot for a wedding photo. What's more, casino resorts are typically extremely flamboyant and have a lavish interior that just adds to the mood of your glamorous casino-themed wedding. A brilliant concept for tables is to have different games for each table – one table could give Blackjack, the other one poker, and so on. Casino-themed lights, too, are always a bonus. For example, you could try to get a few slot machines at the reception to make the environment more real.

The dress code

The mood of a casino theme must be set by letting the guests know in advance what kind of wedding it's going to be like. A good place, to begin with, is the invites and the wedding dress code. Try not to go crazy with traditional casino colours like red and black, but go with something subtle like black and gold. You should remind all the guests that the party is going to be a flamboyant black-tie affair – that way, the guests can know that they should be extremely well-dressed for the occasion since the celebration is going to be an impeccably fashionable one.

Deciding a casino theme for your big day: Tips and guidelines

Selection of appropriate food

When you have ensured that the environment and the settings conform to your casino theme, you will select an appropriate menu. You can easily create a casino-themed menu by selecting certain signature dishes that are found in Las Vegas casinos.

You can also add food such as roulette ribs, jackpot meatballs, as well as Caesars' Palace salad when it comes to sweets. What's more, nice dishes can be found on the buffet for those who just can't wait for a wedding cake.

Last but not least, you should invest in a beautiful wedding cake – fortunately, the choices here are infinite. You may select a casino-themed cake with exuberant casino-related decorations or choose something less conventional, such as a wedding cheesecake.

The entertainment

A casino-themed wedding will not be perfect without casino games. Couples can opt to hire casino games for their d-day, such as Poker tables or a few slots. Roulette is often an entertaining and popular casino game, and this is another choice for casino weddings. If playing for real money is not an option, couples can prefer to use play with online casino options.

You can also give the guests a live casino type of setting with some people dressed as dealers. Another crucial aspect of a wedding is music and hiring a DJ to play casino theme songs from famous casino movies is a perfect way to end the day.

Attention to the details

As it is a casino-themed wedding, you can opt for gifting your guests with personalized scratch cards, or Bingo cards. People who love to play online Bingo or scratch cards will find these gifts quite exciting and memorable.

After all, it is all about you!

In the end, note that the excitement brought by the casino theme may be a little too much. We are pretty sure you don't want your grandma to be too competitive at the Bingo table. It is your special day, after all, and everyone should celebrate you both. If you notice that the visitors pay a bit too much attention to the casino theme, get them back to earth and tell them what the day is all about.