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Do You Know When It's Time to Hit or Stand in Blackjack?

Do You Know When It's Time to Hit or Stand in Blackjack?

Knowing when to hit or stand in blackjack is almost similar to knowing how to play blackjack. For the most part, the game depends on these two moves and if you know how to implement them smoothly, things are going to be fine and you will most likely reach 21. However, if you don’t, you might either cross 21 or never reach the desired target. 

As a result, you need to know when it’s time to hit or stand in blackjack and the following write up will help you in doing so.

The Basics of Blackjack

If you need to know when to hit or stand in blackjack, you should start with the basics. The basics of the game, whether you are playing it at an online casino or an offline casino, dictates that you receive two cards along with the dealer where the dealer’s cards are face-up and face-down. Since cards are worth points, you need to remember their values. 

  • Numbers cards = their number
  • Seven of spades - 7 points
  • Face cards (Queen, Jack & King) - 10 points 
  • Ace - 1 or 11. 
  • The total score refers to the point value of all the cards put together. 

As you receive cards, you will have to abide by the values that they hold and aim to reach 21 with it. A value equaling 22 or higher and even lower than 21 will result in an automatic loss. So in order to reach this target, you will have to move between two options, namely ‘hit’ and ‘stand’. 

While ‘hit’ gives you another card, ‘stand’ refers to the fact that you are ready to forego any other card. Based on the value of all the cards that you have, you will either have to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. So whether you are playing blackjack in the intense setting of an offline casino or at the comfort of your home by playing online blackjack, you will have to follow these rules and decide whether to hit or stand.

Going Bust in Blackjack

Going bust in blackjack is a feeling that nobody wants to experience. No player wants to stare at the possibility that they will have to stop playing the game and move on. Which is why it is important that we understand the implications or at least try not to go bust. So the main ingredient that you need to look at is the value of your card.

Higher values combined with another highly valued card will always result in the probability of your card going bust. Hence, it’s important to think about different possibilities that could possibly happen. For example, having a total of 10 means that it is impossible to go bust because the highest value card is 11. 

Moreover, a total of 11 will always mean that you don’t go bust because an ace card worth 11 can also be considered with a value of 1. However, a total value of 12 is what you need to be aware of as it brings in the possibilities of going bust. While cards that are nine or lower can improve your condition, it is not necessary that you will receive them. 

So observe cards from aces to 9s as they can help you reach the promised land if you already have a total of 12. With all the available options, it is important to form a blackjack strategy after considering the odds at different stages of the game. 

Going Bust in Blackjack

The 16 Situation 

You might have either come across blackjack games or examples, where players end up with a total value of 16 and are confused about the next move. Considering the fact that 16 is a bigger total than 12, it leaves you with fewer cards that can possibly be used to reach a total of 21.

Cards between aces to 5s are the only available options, leaving you with 20 cards out of 52. That also means that there are over 32 cards that can leave you bust. So the easiest option that many consider is to stand on 16.

However, the process is not as easy as it sounds and it is one of those situations where a hit and stand strategy needs to be employed. What you need to look at here are the dealer’s face-up cards. 

  • If the dealer has a card of seven or higher, you will have to hit and 
  • If the dealer has a card of six or lower, you need to stand.

Choosing whether to hit or stand is an important decision and you need to be ready to take risks. Since a game like blackjack wouldn’t possibly proceed without risks, you should understand the same and be ready to do it all.

Options that Aren't Hitting or Standing

Hitting and standing aren’t the only two options that come into the picture because you can also rely on the split option. The process is simple and it refers to the fact that you want to split the cards or split the hand. It is carried on when you have two cards with the same ranking and would like to put an additional bet and start two hands. 

While splitting is an option that people consider, it is important to do so after understanding what it has to offer. Using such options and more while playing blackjack tournaments or other related events will always help you stay in position and take things as and when they arrive. 

So pay heed to the total value of the cards you have and the value of the face-up card of the dealer before making an informed decision on hitting, standing or splitting. Increasing your bet is another move that one can consider, provided you are aware of the risks that come with the same. 

Hence, explore blackjack and its methods before going ahead to implement a strategy or a particular method.