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All the Live Casino Terms That You Need to Know About

All the Live Casino Terms That You Need to Know About

Are you interested in trying your hands at the live casino games? If yes, knowing the casino terms is important. Only when you are well-versed with the terms of the online casino UK, you will be able to play it with confidence and increase your chances of winning. 

In this blog, you will become familiar with the important casino terms relating to the three popular games baccarat, roulette, and poker. Let’s dive in! 

  • Baccarat

If you want to place the safest bets in the world of casinos, then baccarat is the best option for you. The simplicity of the game attracts more and more players to engage in baccarat. Do you have an inclination towards baccarat? If yes, here are the casino terms relating to baccarat that you must know.

  • Baccarat

Most people think that baccarat is just the name of the live casino game. However, the term is also used for describing a specific hand. But the bad news is that baccarat refers to the hand that has no value and is equal to zero. A combination of picture cards and tens cards will make up the worthless card.

  • Burning

When the game starts, the cards are shuffled, followed by discarding of the top 3 to 6 cards. This is referred to as burning.

  • Banco

Banco is a Spanish term that refers to a banker. In this mobile casino game, the banker is the one who deals with the cards and holds the shoe.

  • Croupier

This is another term that is used for describing the dealer of the Banco.

  • La Petite

La Petite is the second-best hand in the game of baccarat. It means a perfect eight.

  • Dragon Bonus

Drago bonus is a side bet in baccarat. It includes staking on the margin, thereby resulting in the win of the higher hand in the round.

  • Chemin De Fer

It is a classic baccarat version that is quite popular among the players. In this version, the players serve as the banker and the shoe moves across the table during the game.

  • Le Grande

Le Grande is one of the best possible hands that a player can achieve. It is a hand delivering a score of nine.

  • Palette

Palette is the long wooden tool used by the Banco in order to move cards across the table during a baccarat game.

  • Natural

It refers to the two initial hands that make up the required number.

  • Shoe

The shoe refers to the machine dealing the cards automatically.

  • Roulette

Roulette is one of the best paying online casino games. If you are interested in placing live bets in the game of roulette, here are the casino terms you need to know.

  • American Roulette

American roulette is one of the popular versions of roulette. It consists of a wheel that has alternate black and red pockets labelled from 1 to 36. Moreover, it also has 2 green pockets. One of the pockets is marked as a single zero (0) and the other pocket as double zero (00).

  • French Roulette

This is another version of the game. It has alternate number pockets starting from 1 to 36. Also, there is a single green zero. However, there are a number of usual features in this game.

  • European Roulette

European roulette is one of the most common forms of the game. It has alternate number pockets starting from 1 to 36. It also has one solitary zero. 

  • Outside Bet

The betting options available on the edges of the surface are referred to as Outside bets. This will include Black or Red and Even or Odd.

  • Inside Bet

On the betting surface, there are individual numbers listed towards the centre. In case you place bets there, it is known as an Inside bet.

  • Croupier

In terms of a physical casino, a croupier refers to a person who is responsible for spinning the wheel and taking bets. However, in the case of online casinos, these tasks are performed automatically.

  • Ball Track

Ball track is also known as Backtrack. It is the area outside the wheel where the ball travels before landing in any pocket.

  • Straight Bet

A straight bet refers to the stake on a particular number to come in. It is at times called as a single bet. In case the bet is successful, the payout is 35 to 1, and the odds are 37/1. 

  • Poker

Poker is a very popular casino game that offers a lot of casino bonuses and opportunities to win. If you want to play poker like a pro, it is important to understand the important casino terms related to the game. Here are the top casino terms associated with poker that you must know. 

  • Call

When a poker game reaches the end stages, a player can call. Then the act will match the highest bet made at that time.

  • All-in

It is a bet in which the poker players stake all their remaining casino chips. 

  • Flop

Flop is first among the three community cards. After the allocation of hole cards, the flop is usually dealt face up in the table’s middle, and the betting round begins.

  • Bluff

In case a player has been dealt with a poor hand, they can fold or continue the game by trying to fool the other players and making them think they have something stronger. This is referred to as bluffing.

  • Hole cards

Hole cards refer to the 2 cards that are dealt face down to the players in each game. 

  • Flush

Flush is a valuable hand in the game of poker. It includes 5 cards of the same suit.

  • Pot

Pot refers to the collection of casino chips given to the winning player at the end.

  • Fold

Players are allowed to fold in case they are not likely to win or have a poor hand. 

  • Raise

When you want to increase the biggest bet size on the table, you can opt for raise.

  • Tilt

When a player makes poor decisions continuously, it is said they are on tilt. 


The live casinos are very interesting. However, knowing the casino terms can make the game even more interesting for you. It will enable you to play the games better and increase your chances of winning. Now that you know the casino terms, it is time to have more fun at the live casinos.