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European Roulette: Its gameplay and special features

European Roulette: Its gameplay and special features

As the game of chance has been more popular over the years, roulette has evolved as well. It is a game that is played in almost every casino. The fascinating casino game has a long and storied history in France, dating way back to the seventeenth century. It is now so popular that it is available in various forms and versions at almost all online casinos. The game may be played in 3 different ways: American, French and European. However, the European version is the most popular across the world.

There's a good reason why European roulette is the most popular among roulette players: the house edge is only 2.7 percent, which is about half of the 5.26 percent house edge in the American version.

The European roulette wheel contains 37 compartments in which numbers ranging from 1 to 36 plus a single 0 can be found. All of the numbers from 1 to 36 are alternatively coloured red and black, with the solitary zero being shown in green.

The primary goal of any roulette player is to guess which designated compartment the roulette ball will land in. To do this, all players place wagers on a specific digit, and the dealer then spins the roulette wheel in one way while spinning the roulette ball in the other way. When the ball makes its way into the hole that corresponds to that specific number, the player or players who made the play are compensated.

The fundamentals of the game

While playing online European roulette, the wagering method is pretty straightforward. Once the player decides on a bet, they must place their chips on the chip area of their choice and then click the "Spin" button. When the betting session is over, the player must choose between placing another wager (" Rebet") and abandoning the play (" Clear Bets").

The playing procedure at land-based casinos is as follows:

The roulette table is generally staffed by 4 casino employees. There are 2 of them who are known as dealers, and their primary responsibilities include dealing with bets and spinning the ball onto the roulette wheel. The remaining 2 casino personnel are called table-end and game supervisors, and they are in charge of making sure the game goes well.

The majority of people gathered around the roulette table typically varies from one to eight. When the dealer says, "Place your bets", the game begins. Players can then place the types of wagers that will be discussed later in this article. Following that, the dealer spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in another direction. The croupier declares, "No more bets" as and when the ball has nearly 2 more spins to run.

Any wagers put after this stage will almost always be ignored. The dealer recognises and declares the winning numbers when the ball falls in one of the 37 pockets. Wages lost are handed over to the house, and all the successful wagers are compensated.

Bets that can be made in European roulette

The game begins with you setting your chips on the roulette table's various betting sections. Wagers are permitted until the dealer rolls the ball and then for a few seconds afterwards for final wagers. The dealer begins paying out victorious bets as soon as the winning number is revealed, while all losing bets are removed from the table. Players can then resume their wagering. Whenever it comes to betting, players have a variety of alternatives. Every table has its own set of min and max betting restrictions, and players may place as many bets as they like, although only within those limits. The betting structure is similar to that of other roulette versions. And the bets are divided into two categories: "inside" and "outside" bets. Apart from them, there are some other types of bets like the call or announced bets.

Bets that can be made in European roulette

Taking chances on the Inside

Inside bets have a lower probability of winning, but they pay out much more. Inside bets are divided into six categories:

  • Straight Bet

It is centred on a single digit. You bet on one digit, and if the ball falls in that exact numbered pocket, you win. The return on investment is 35:1.

  • Street Bet

It is put on three consecutive numbers on the gambling area by aligning the chips on the row's edge line. This indicates that you are placing a wager on all 3 in a continuous horizontal line. The odds are 11 to 1.

  • Split Bet

The chips are put on the line in-between 2 adjacent digits on the playing area. For instance, if you place a wager on the numbers 17 and 18, you will only win if the ball falls on either of these numbers. The odds are 17 to 1.

  • Sixline Bet

It is laid out on 6 numbers in the wagering area by aligning the chips with the junction of the edge lines at the ends of the two rows. The odds are 5 to 1.

  • Corner Bet

It is put on 4 adjacent numbers on the gambling area by aligning the chips on their intersection points. The odds are 8 to 1.

Taking chances on the outside

Outside bets are the polar opposite - you have a higher chance of winning, but the payoff is smaller. There are six different sorts of bets in this category:

  • Column bet

This wager is put on all numbers in one of the 3 columns. The odds are 2 to 1.

  • Black/ Red Bet

It is won by betting on red or black and placing the chips in the colour wager box. The payout ratio is 1 to 1, or even money.

  • Group/Dozen Bet

By putting the chip on the dozen wager box, it is staked on all digits in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd groups. The odds are 2 to 1.

  • Low/High Stakes

This bet is placed on the premise of whether the winning number will be high (which is from 19 to 36) or low (which is from 1 to 18). Once again, the payment is even money.

  • Even/Odd Bet

This is a bet placed on the premise of whether the winning number will be even or odd. Even money is paid out.

The call bets

Every player is aware that the European roulette betting area has a third choice: the wheel. It is referred to as a racetrack or call bet. Only the dealer has the authority to place the wager at the player's discretion.

European roulette betting strategy and tips

As you might expect, there isn't much that can be done to influence the results of a roulette wheel spin. In a game of roulette, the ideal approach is to diversify your bets and avoid placing dangerous inside bets excessively. Outside bets typically offer the greatest odds, and while inside bets offer higher returns. Hence, if you wish to remain in the game for the long - term, you need to manage your wagers between inside bets (with high risk) and outside bets (with low risk). That is the essence of a smart European roulette approach. We hope that this comprehensive guide on European roulette helps you play efficiently at your next online roulette gaming endeavour!